Denied mradmins staff application

Dec 6, 2019
IGN (In-Game Name):mradmins



Do you have any previous staff experience?:

[Reminders I got a new pc, so I got no proof.]

I was staff for 2 months then i got false demoted, because some one made a fake msg about me on discord.

I was staff for 1 month until i resigned because they were not working on the server.

( Trial-Mod)
I was staff for 2 weeks until the the server shut down.

I was staff for 4 months until i resigned because the staff was abusing alot.

I was staff for 2 weeks until i got demoted. I really dont know why. (The owner sold the server, so i could not talk to him and he called me the n word with hard r.

Demoted for being inactive since i got homework

Owner for 3 months until it shut down because it was dead.

Shutdown no information

I was staff for 2 months Resigned because i really didnt know what the owner was doing.

I was staff for 1 month and then i left because the server didnt never released and the owner never worked on it.

Staff for 2 weeks until the server keeps getting hit off and i dont want my ip leaked.

I was staff for 3 months until i got demoted for "False ban" but it was not.

I was staff for 1 week They reseted all the staff members

I was staff for 1 week until they reseted the staff

Staff for 2 weeks until the server shut down.

Why would you like to become a staff member?:
I would love to become staff on this amazing network. I always wanted to become staff on a big server. I know that I have lots of hate on me, so i'm asking for a forgiveness to all the staff. I always seen hackers every time I play SagePvP and if i get staff i would be able to ban the hackers any time i see one. Since, most staff have different Timezone Its hard to be on when other staff are on, so i would be good for the team because i am very active and i will be able to be on for a while, so i can ban most of the hackers, Since your anti-chat is really good i hope they don't steal the ban. There is a virus going around and I never leave the house all i do is play Minecraft that are based on HCF and Kitmap. It will be nice that i can do staff series and i can bring all my viewers to play Sage.I can maybe make the people who hate me to become friends with me. I always love helping out servers. I hate the toxic players and Hackers. I can teach people in the staff team about what they don't know and sometimes if i don't know something they can teach me. Every server i go to dead or not and a low rank i can bring my staff knowledge Better then before. I been playing Sage for a while now. I believe its time that i help out the server i been on the server when it had only 60 players on. I seen the struggle that the server went too and i'm here to help you guys out. So basically I would like staff on your server, SagePvP, because I've always found staffing on any network reason to become & stay interested in the game and community. In my opinion, your network is really good and I see it as really beneficial to my experience and my knowledge. If I was to be staff, I could spend a lot of my time moderating the server and making the network an overall great experience for players. Whether I stay a low rank, or achieve a higher rank, my knowledge will increase no matter what "rank" I am defined as.

Here is one example
EX: Someone comes in ts about a hacker kills him. First I would ask do you have any proof If He says "yes" I would look at the proof and then see if he was cheating or not i will ban him if he was and i will not if he was not cheating. If he said "No" I would tell him Do you have his IGN? If he says "No" I will say sorry i cant do anything about it. But, If he has his IGN I would See if he got banned if he got banned I would ask for proof of him dying to him if he does Ill Roll him back. If he does not ill not roll him back and say i cant do anything. I would also Watch the hacker if he didn't get banned and tell the kind person i cant do anything, but ill be watching him.

If accepted, how would you improve the players' experience?:
I can help bring teamwork to the other staff, which allows not only me, but EVERYONE to grow as a person, and as a staff member. I can staff around 7+ hours a day, so I will nearly always be on the server. I can also help bring in some partners to help the server grow to something exponential. For my final reason, which I think is the most important, I can help make the player base, happier.

📌The Support, When they join support room i would move them very quick.
📌The Great Guy, I would talk very nice, I wont be Rude.
📌Treat, I will treat everyone with the same support even with Media.
📌Speech, I would help anyone that is down, so they can get there head back in the game.
📌Response, When someone needs help or says staff tp i will be watching or msging him what do they need help with.
📌Record, I will be recording every time, so it will be faster to ban the player, since I don't need to record as soon as I see the hacker
📌Contact, When I get DM on telegram or discord asking a question or need to be moved in ts or something I would answer right away.
📌Mutes, muting all the racist people and chat floods. I also will improve players experience by being the best staff (Not trying to be mean or saying sage staff are bad).

If you were to rate your honesty on a scale of 1-10.
10, Because If i like do anything wrong i would just contact head staff about it. I will never lie about anything if like im getting demoted i would still not lie about what i did wrong. lying makes the problem worse. I recommend to not lie as it will be hurting your self.

Can any current staff members vouch for you?:

Additional Information?:
I am a youtuber on sagepvp i love this network :) i wanna do some staff series!


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Jan 27, 2019
-1 literally no proof you were staff on the 15 servers you claimed to be staff on.


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Apr 27, 2019

No proof.
Don't remember you staffing on Aodus, HCArtics, and Runic.
Seems like server hopper because you have 15 experiences when you're 14


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Jul 27, 2020

I feel like you could add some more detail in the more necessary parts. It looks unorganized and extremely spread out.

Next to that, you do not meet the requirements (Must be 15 y/o).

Last, but not least. You are lying about your experiences! I used to manage staff on GemPvP and I don't remember you on the team, and I was really close with all of the members.



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Jan 5, 2020
Thank you for taking the time to submit an application, but unfortunately, it’s been denied.

- You don't have any proof of previous experience with staff, and you've decided to apply on several networks with the same application.

You may re-apply in 2 weeks' time. Please take this time to revise your application if need be.
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