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Jan 27, 2019
Improve KOTH Loot: I think it would be better if KOTH Capturing time: 5:00 or 7:30 Minutes. Because it's not worth to cap 10 minutes getting knocked every 2 min. It's not worth because the KOTH crate will just give you P2. I would suggest you to add Custom Enchants to the KOTH crate armor. And make a KOTH Sharpness which will be really rare to obtain from the KOTH Crate. And it will be easier to get Conquest Fire from the Conquest Crate.
Make SOTW's on Saturdays: Making them on Saturdays will help EU's to play more tonight and players won't wait a lot for the SOTW. That will make EOTW's to happen on Friday Which will be good too.
Buff Gkits: Why from an Archer Gkit i get P1 S1 ? It would be better if it gives you P2 S2 Because when a player is using S2 against P1 Archer or Bard You know whats going to happen. And i can even enchant P1 Archer, Bard, Rogue | Sets. Now you would think that makes the Diamond Gkit useless, no it doesn't because it has Custom Enchants and it's cheaper than Zeus or 2019 Gkits. Remove KnockBack Snowballs / Slime Balls. The thing that they are annoying because people can kite easier and knock you into fall traps with 1 or 2 hits. I actually think if they get nerfed to KnockBack 1 That will make them balanced.
Nerf OP Bows: OP Bows are Power 5 which makes them better than Archer Gkit's Bow. That is really Unbalanced because if a person has OP Bow and he is Bow Spamming with a Diamond That is using the OP Bow he will deal the archer about 3-4 Hearts Damage. And it's OP being in Nether and Spamming People with a bow in the lava.
If you don't want to Buff The Gkits i suggest you making P1 S2 Map and the Gkits will be P1 S2 and you will be able to enchant P1 S2 with an Enchanting Table. Do it just for 1 Map see how players will react to it. The thing that will this idea for P1 S2 Map will do is: Making More People play because it Nerfes The Pay To Win Experience. That is really stupid only people with ranks are able to Obtain P2 S2. Comment How you think that will be bad/good.
Thank you for reading my Suggestion. By ylq7 <33


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Jan 25, 2019

I honestly agree with everything you said except one thing and that is regarding having SOTW's on Saturdays instead of Sundays. If we have SOTW's on Saturdays we will have less players playing SOTW because many will play SOTW on other servers but it is still worth a try for one weekend.


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Jan 26, 2019
-1 About the buff gkits, its perfect, if you give a archer a p2 with custom enchant impossible to kill, if you want to play kits, required skill that's what i like !
-1 About the bow p5, its not doing more than 1.5hearts, its perfect, just take of punch 1.
-1 The server is not P2W, you can deal with everythings if you know how to play,

I send everythings need to be change / disable to jacob, he said me realy good idea. So wait like nextmap and enjoy it :)

- gfkidL
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