Pending CameraRoll's Staff Application

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Oct 7, 2019
IGN (In Game Name):
United Kingdom
Do you own a quality microphone?:
I own a decent quality microphone.
Do you have Discord, Telegram & Teamspeak?:
I own all three of them, my discord user is CameraRoll#0112 and my Telegram is CameraRoll
Do you have any previous Staff Experience?:
RevilsNetwork - Chat Moderator - Proof:
DripHCF - Trial Moderator - Proof:
NerixHQ - Trial Moderator - Proof:
DescendHCF - Trial Moderator - Proof:
HCRival - Moderator - Proof:
NovaHCF - Moderator - Proof:
Cranium Network - Manager - Proof:
HCDash - Owner - Proof:
Why do you want to become Staff?:
I would like to become Staff on your network firstly - because I’ve noticed in-game on several occasions that I would get hacked on, and there wouldn’t be any Staff members to assist me and ban the hacker. I would like to help fix this problem and make sure every player has the opportunity to ask a Staff member for assistance, at any time - and that every player is satisfied. I would always be open to anyone to ask anything, and I would always answer it to the fullest of my ability, despite the difficulty of the question. I would always find an answer for that person, even if that means asking a senior rank. I would be grateful for the opportunity to be able to assist a player like that, and make an impact on your Network - and all-around helping the whole Network’s community - making sure the Servers up to its fullest potential. And making the players experience on the Network better than any other Networks.

Though my main reason I am applying is that it’s come to my attention that people have been complaining about the TeamSpeak waiting times, there not being enough staff and other major issues. I understand it can be hard to keep trying to move people, but I’ve experienced where at times even when I have directly asked a Staff member, no one has moved me in TeamSpeak. I’d like to cut those waiting times so our players can play the server, and not waiting in Teamspeak. I would make it my priority to assist as many people as I can in the TeamSpeak, and always helping those players to the best of my ability.

I think that I would be a great Staff member and I could make a huge impact on your Network. I have lots of extra knowledge and skills that I could share with your Network, and I would always be true to the server. From being Staff on multiple other Networks, I’ve learned a great lot about being a good Staff member, and I would use that to aid me to be a great Staff member on your Network. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity for you to allow me to improve your player's time on your Network, and help sustain its title as one of the best HCF servers.
Why should we accept you as a Staff?:
Maturity - typically, you might think a 14-year-old to be extremely toxic and annoying, but I’m most certainly not anything like that. Of course, I can be fun sometimes, but when needed I can be serious and mature in any situation.

Loyal - I am a loyal person and I would try my absolute best to stay with the Network for as long as I could - this is how I earned various high ranking positions on other Networks. I’ve learned not being loyal isn’t a good thing to do, and it will not make you a better Staff member nor person.

Trustworthy - I could be a trustworthy Staff member on your Network, and I would try to prove that to you by sticking with the Network, and always doing a good job as a Staff member - Trial-Mod or Admin.

Independence - I prefer to work independently as I personally find that much easier for myself, but I am always happy and able to work in a team. But if I find myself being the only Staff member online, I would be fine with that, and take it as an opportunity to be able to work independently and interact with the community myself.

Kindness - I try to always be a positive person, and be as kind as I can to others. It’s a great feeling when you help others if that’s in real life or even Minecraft. I would love to be able to help the Network’s community. That’s always the best bit of being a Staff member - when you help a player in the community.

Professional - I always act mature and professional while representing any Network, if that’s in Minecraft itself, or in Discord or Teamspeak. I believe it’s a very valuable quality of a Staff member, and if a Sever’s Staff team is professional - it does give a massively better name for the Server.

Patience - I’ve learned to be extremely patient in any situation. Having a skill like that is essential to being a good Staff member - at any time. I’ve developed this skill furthermore as coming from the EU when you’re on most Network, there tends to be a massive decrease in players as most players are from the US - and it can be extremely boring at times. But I taught myself to be patient and realized that it’s a great opportunity to find players breaking the rules as they think many Staff members won’t be on.

Honest - I would always stay honest and true to the server, even if I were to get offered a position on another possibly more popular Network. I’ve developed a passion for the server and that is a big reason why I applied, and I wouldn’t want to let the Network down by lying to the Community. I wouldn’t double Staff and I would stay true and honest to the Network.
Can any staff member vouch for you?:
I don't currently know any Staff members on your Network.
Additional Information:
Thank you for reading my application.​
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