Denied arqf's - Optifyq's 2nd Staff Application


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Clublands - Rank: Helper

I was Helper rank on Clublands, Clublands daily had around 600-700 players on their servers.
Clublands was a SMP server, This server allowed content creators to create a SMP for them and their fans. I had some personal problems come up and I did not have time to let them know, so they removed my rank.

SkyRealm - Rank: Owner

I created SkyRealm, back in 2018-2019, the server highest player count was 100 players, SkyRealm, at first started as a SkyBlock server, then expanded to a network of games. At the end of 2019 I had to shut SkyRealm down, due to money issues.

RainHCF - Rank: Moderator & Admin

i was a moderator on RainHCF back in August of 2020, I started off as moderator, then got promoted to admin. That server player base was around 20-30 players. I would do screenshares, and support. I also did one video on that server (Staff Series) I left due to the staff team being toxic.

GalaxiaNetwork - Rank: Admin

I was an admin on Galaxia Network. That server player base changed, some days we would be doing good with around 50-60 players, other days would be like 15-20 players. I left that server due to the Owner being really toxic, and childish.

KnifeHCF - Rank: Moderator

KnifeHCF isn't really known in the community. We had about 20-25 players during SOTW.
But slowly the server died off and the owner closed the server due to several issues. One of them was money issues, and the other was players kept ddosing the server offline.

EuphoricMC - Rank: Moderator

EuphoricMC started as a factions server, then became a network with Prison,Factions and Skyblock. I was moderator rank back in Feb 2021, they removed all staff on the staff team and had them re-apply, and I did not re-apply.

LuxHQ - Rank: Owner

I started LuxHQ with a few of my buddies, we started it off as an HCF server, then made more game modes. In the end, we had HCF,Kitmap and Duels. In the end, we had to shut down LuxHQ, due to money issues and staffing.

AngelPvP - Rank: Mod+

I was a Mod+ on AngelPvP, which used to be a HCF server around 2021 / 2022. My role allowed me to deal with users that were alting and evading punishments, so one of my main roles was punishing those users. Aside from this, I also had regular Moderation duties including punishing members for rule-breaking, answering questions in chat, and handling support in teamspeak and discord. I was also getting SS verified rank / role. But sadly while I was getting it the owners of the server has shutted down the server.
Duration: 2 and a half Months+

Custom's Magical World - Rank: Moderator

I was a Moderator on a Discord Server called Custom's Magical World. My duty was to make sure that the chat was not being inappropriate or too mean/offensive. I was accepted to ensure that the community would stay positive. My job(s) included doing support tickets, punishing rule-breakers, lending a helping hand whenever I could, and every now and then submitting ideas and suggestions.
Duration: 4 Months+

Hygon - Rank: Administrator

I was an Administrator on Hygon, which was an unsuccessful HCF server. I was the Head of SS and managed to get a few moderations and other interactions on the server. However, it didn't last long and unfortunately lost my position due to the server shutting down.
Duration: 0.5 Months

↬ Why would you like to become a staff member?:

I feel like I have a lot of qualities I can contribute to SagePvP. I've seen the community and the server and I feel like it's definitely something I want to make a positive impact on. One my my passions is to help people, and I want to contribute this in as many ways as possible on SagePvP. I also want to learn more about staffing and moderation, so I feel that this will help me better the skills I already have, and learn new ones. As mentioned, I want to help in as many ways as possible, whether that be through managing tickets, answering general questions, or punishing players in-game (chat, gameplay, cheating offences, etc.)

↬ Can any current staff members vouch for you?: (optional)

As far as i know, no. But I've know zaues ( the T-Mod ) from his streams and youtube channel, and I also know Zentuhh from being friends with zaues. But i don't know if they vouch for me, since I didn't ask them.

↬ Can you meet the weekly requirement of a minimum of 12 hours playtime per map? (If you cannot meet this then your application will automatically be denied.)

I can definitely reach this requirement playtime. Sometimes when I don't have school I play 24 hours, including afk time about 5 - 6 hours. But when I have school I could still meet the requirements.

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↬ What is your discord @?:

arqf#4444 ( If nitro ends and it changes, I'll let the 1 reading this know. )

↬ Additional Information (optional)?:

Nope, I just wanna say I love the server so far, keep the good work up and Thank you for considering and reading my application!