Denied wqrk's Staff Application


New member
↬ IGN (In-Game Name): wqrk
↬ Age: 18
↬ Region (EU/NA/Other): NA
↬ Do you have any previous staff experience?: No I don't have any previous staff experience, but I am very eager to learn.
↬ Why would you like to become a staff member?: SagePvP has been my go to HCF server for quite awhile and I would like to help fix the community and make sage the most enjoyable experience for the player.
↬ If accepted, how would you improve the players' experience?: I would actively be checking #tickets in the discord and helping as many people as I can in TeamSpeak, I would love to shorten the wait times in TeamSpeak and give the best possible support.
↬ If you were to rate your honesty on a scale of 1-10, what would it be and why? 9/10 I believe honesty is key, the more honest someone is the more easy it is to trust them. Being honest shows respect and authenticity.
↬ Can any current staff members vouch for you?: (optional)
↬ Can you meet the weekly requirement of a minimum of 12 hours playtime per map? (If you cannot meet this then your application will automatically be denied.) Yes, I will easily be able to meet the minimum requirement.
↬ What is your telegram @?: @braden_00
↬ Additional Information (optional)?: Thank you for reading my application. :)


Platform Admin
Anticheat Admin
Staff Manager
I have reviewed your application. Unfortunately, it has been denied.
You may re-apply in 2 weeks.