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Do you have any previous staff experience?:

On hcf staffing, I do not have a lot of experience, but I do have a lot of experience in HCF and the community around it I am also familiarised with the rules of HCF as I've been playing for the past 4 years. However, saying this i got up to mod+ on sagepvp before i resgined

Why would you like to become a staff member?
I would like to be a staff member because it seems like a really good community to be a part of and I'm getting bored with hcf, and I want to start staffing to make the community a lot better and it a lot more fun than playing as I stated I've played for a while now and I feel like I want to do more and helping out with the staffing would be fun. I've been toxic before, but I'm trying to change and me being staff would help me. also, staffing is fun and I feel like I would be a great asset to the staff team.

If accepted, how would you improve the players' experience?:

Honesty - I am a very honest person, I will tell someone if they have done something wrong or even if I make a mistake I'm always 100% honest about it, no matter the circumstance I would tell you if you did something wrong. which, in my opinion, is very important especially if you want to staff. And I would have seen anything I would be honest and tell a higher staff member. I would never lie in situations because there's no need to lie it won't get you anywhere if you do it will just get you in more conflict. lying in general is a bad trait to have so I try my hardest to avoid it and have done that very well.

Activity - When it comes to activity I can be very active especially during the weekends, however, I have school but this would not be a problem because I can still be very active. I can be on at most times whether night or day. I do only really play on sage so it would be very easy to be active, It's near summer break which would mean I will be on a lot. I have school but that won't be a problem because I get home quite early and can do times such as 5+ hours every day during weekdays and 11+ during weekends and a lot more soon as summer starts.

Fairness - I'm a very fair person I won't treat any different because of what rank they have, I would treat everyone the same and not any different, and would NOT be biased towards a friend or someone I like or dislike. and want to make sure everyone has a fair experience and helps them. I'm aware that a lot of staff maybe be biased towards a friend this would not be the case with me if I got staff I would be completely unbiased no matter the circumstances. say if someone has a "Famous" rank I would treat them completely the same as I would treat a Default rank.

Helpfulness - In my opinion, I would be very helpful while staffing on sage, I can work very efficiently while being fast. I can always be in TeamSpeak/discord for tickets, which would mean ill be able to move people fast and reply to get the situation sorted as fast as I can and make the person I'm helping happier. I've been told I have been helpful from family and friends in the past and can transfer that help over to helping the server out.

Teamwork - Teamwork I feel is very important and is something I'm good at, I can work well with other staff members and other players if I ever got into an argument with another member of staff I will always try to resolve it and do my best to make it right. which is a very important asset I would never start or get into an argument with another player or staff because it's unprofessional and if I ever do which I won't I would resolve it in a matter of minutes. my mood is rarely down you won't catch me in a bad mood ever. I'm also friends with a lot of the staff team and I would work very well with them.

Respect - Respect is a huge part of being staff and I consider myself a very respectful person, but I can also joke around as well and take a joke. I have always been a respectful person and that would continue if I get staff. if I'm disrespectful I know it won't make me feel better that's the main reason I'm respectful is to make everyone that logs on happy to be there and it makes me happy also.

Dedicated - I would consider myself a very dedicated individual, I would put all my commit all my spare time into sage and do whatever I can to help the community, I will try to help assist as much as possible. and won't give up on the staffing, for example, I won't be inactive at all, I will try my best to get as many bans/punishments and overall help the community grows into a less toxic environment. no matter what I will be dedicated and trying to do the best for this community which I think is very important.

Confidence - I'm a very confident individual. and would be very confident while dealing with certain situations, because I know a lot of people are not confident, and confidence is a huge key to doing well especially in support rooms, as said support rooms are very confidence bases wich as a person I'm hugely confident, I can handle tough/stressful situations well.

Communication - Communication is one of my strongest attributes I'm very good at communicating with new people, if anyone needs help in-game they can always communicate to me and ill do the best I possibly can to help them with that situation. I can always be contactable as well that being TeamSpeak or discord. I can also communicate to head staff members. if don't understand a certain thing I would never be quiet about it if I don't understand something ill ask because that's how you learn and grow as a person.

Friendliness - I am a very friendly person which is an important asset to have, a lot of people have said they liked talking to me because of my friendliness and I feel that when players come in ts they will feel more comfortable while talking to me because I'm not aggressive I'm more laid back and more friendly than some staff members. because from my experience I prefer getting moved by someone always happy and friendly than someone that's always in a mood.

I would help the players of sage and their experience by trying to make the community less toxic and more of a friendly environment, this being either in-game or in TeamSpeak I feel like I would be good at doing support rooms and in general making it a less toxic environment. also I would try my hardest to help anyone that needs support. and try to make it hacker free also a big thing on sage it the toxicity, and I admit I have been toxic in the past, but I'm trying to change that, and if I get staff, I will try my hardest to make the chat toxic-free. another big thing that I can be is active I can be active throughout the day. I respect and treat players the same no matter their rank. I will also respect the staff team members and if they said I did something wrong, just justify that and not be argumentative. If a staff member tells me to do something ill take that as constructive criticism and work on what he said to do and grow as a staff member. when in ts or discord ill make sure I can move/reply to people as quickly as possible so they don't have to wait. because in my opinion, you have to wait quite a while to get responded to or moved ill try to change that.

If you were to rate your honesty on a scale of 1-10, what would it be and why?
9 - I'm a very honest person if I see something wrong I would say it and can be honest with myself and other people.

Can any current staff members vouch for you?:

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I have Discord,ts, and telegram
I have a working good mic
I can record!
Thanks for taking the time to read have a good day <3


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I have reviewed your application. Unfortunately, it has been denied.
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