The issue with Sage's KB (Knockback)


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Me as a high ping (180-190) SagePvP Player I've noticed that it's almost impossible to play with that ping because of Sage's Custom KB if your ping ranges from 150 to 250 and higher you will start taking a lot of vertical KB which causes you to fly and it makes it easier for players with low ping to combo you and get double hits on you which is just unfair I get the same ping on viper but I take normal KB players don't get random double hits on me, this video is a comparison between the KB on SagePvP and the KB on Viper for players with high ping:
please fix the KB and make it fair for everyone

Btw I forgot to type team after development if you don't know what I'm talking about watch the video


+1 I've had a lot of issues with sage and high ping for a while people get 5-6 combos on me MID AIR where I cant even touch the ground ppl will just say its because you have high ping its like that on every other server but this is the only server where I take retarded kb so plz consider changing it


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holy fuck you have no idea It is insanely retarded atm on kitmap you legit get comboed Midair and go extra 5-6 blocks as @Froggy stated


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yk what +1 nigga i got fucking started flying after getting comboed nigga if you have shit ping you don't win


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+1 i agree with all that bro everyone take no kb and 8 blocking u plus i have something to say so basically my friend has 40 ping right? and i've 140 ping he was clicking 8 cps and i was clicking around 14 to 15 cps and he was taking no kb and freakin 7 blocking me


+1 this shit is annoying asf i get hit twice and take like 5+ blocks kb dude and i have 70 ping like all the time