Denied Staff Apply (Matura) (EU)

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Nov 6, 2019
Staff Application (Matura) (EU)

IGN (In Game Name): Matura
Age: 16
Timezone: CEST
Country: Netherlands,
Do you own a quality microphone?:
Yes i got a quality microphone.
Do you have Discord, Telegram & Teamspeak?:
Yes, i got Discord,Telegram and Teamspeak,
Discord : Matura#1099

Do you have any previous Staff Experience?:

Yes, I've been staff on a few servers, I've only decided to list the best servers for staff experience.

CrazyWars - Helper

This was a server owned by 2 large YouTubers. I showed my interest in becoming staff on there as I enjoyed it at the time. Slowly, the server lost its player base. It went from 100+ players to just 10. I believe the IP to this server is
Proof: I lost it due to resetting my PC.

HCKnights - Admin
Server closed down.

I became Helper on there and worked my way up all the way to admin. Due to the low player base, the Owners closed the server as they saw no potential in it in the future.
Proof: Lost contact with the Owners

MazeHQ - Admin
Closed down.

There's not much I can say about this one as I cannot remember much of it but I do know that I built a strong relationship with the Owner and gained his trust enough for him to promote me all the way to Admin.
Proof: Lost contact with the Owner

ValorHCF - Owner

I started off as Admin and worked my way up to Platform-Admin, until the Owner offered me a position of Ownership which I accepted. I mainly helped test in-game things like crates, reclaims, holograms and much more.
Proof: (Sorry for poor quality)

ExcileHQ - Mod

I applied for staff and passed the interview. I was really active and grew a relationship with the owner. I was eventually promoted all within the span of 1 month. I resigned because I had to focus on school more than anything else.
Proof: No Proof, Pc Reset before,

VenomHCF – Manager
Proof :
After 3 Months i resigned on (VenomHCF)
Because the Reason : it became a dead server,
we had before 100 people on sotw,
And every month it was going lower,
HCGods – Manager
Proof :
Never Released, i was more a Discord Manager,
Nothing to say about this server,
Also had a bit of experience on a few smaller or unreleased servers that are not worth mentioning as I did not learn anything from them.​

Why do you want to become Staff?:
I would like to become staff because I know how to control my social life and my staff position. I feel like I am a better moderator than a player and I am willing to prove that. I have a lot of free time on my hands, I can put up to 3 or 4+ hours each day and 24-30 weekly. I thought that I should spend this time by helping other players and doing Teamspeak support rooms. I see myself as a very positive person and I am not letting anything ruin my day. Despite school and family, I can put all of that aside if necessary. I enjoy talking to ed.)
people in support rooms and after realizing how much spare time I have, I've decided I'd like to spend it by helping other people and prioritizing them more than anything. Personally, I think I have a lot of experience which would highly benefit me, the staff team and everyone else. I've also been around for a long time now. I know all the rules and basics of the server. I also often see many people asking questions in chat whilst I'm PvPing or playing with my faction, and usually, I cannot respond if I am busy doing something. If I became staff, I would put 100% of my time dedicated into moderating, helping both new and old players, doing support rooms, and in general, doing everything I can to make WrathHQ a great environment. Although I am not SS verified, I am willing to learn the basics of Screen Sharing if it is necessary for me to become staff on WhratHQ. I am often really motivated to moderate after a promotion or after a nice and friendly talk with another staff member. I can staff for the full 3-4+ hours if I want to, and I will. I do not like to argue with others and especially with players, as it makes me seem immature and unprofessional. I can attend every staff meeting unless I am away from my computer, or IRL problems. I am never rude and see myself as a good fit for the staff team. I know the basic commands of a Helper and what to do in different situations. I am a trustworthy and hard-working person and I think I deserve a
Why should we accept you as a Staff?:
There are many reasons to as why you should accept me as staff. I am willing to learn anything I need to if I want to be a staff member on Sage. This includes Screen Sharing, using SS tools, such as Paladin, and much more. I am also a very patient person. If I suspect someone of cheating, I will watch them for as long as I need until I am 100% sure that they are using any blacklisted modifications. I am always the first one to respond to helpop requests or reports. I know the basic commands of being a staff member, which every new Helper / TrialMod needs to get promoted. I hope I get the chance to moderate on such a large server like Sage. As I've mentioned before, I've been a part of the Sage Community for quite some time now (around 5 years), but played Minecraft for much longer. I know what to do in situations and I know the basics of Teamspeak, and I know how to do support rooms. I can also record, but it will also be in low frame rate (30-60 FPS usually) but I do get around 100-200 FPS whilst not recording. I do not have a bad reputation for abusing my power in any way and I never will as I do not see that as the mature thing to do and it gives other players an unfair advantage over other players. I am also not bias in any way. I will not (and never have) abuse(d) for another players gains and to give them an advantage over others, no matter how much they ask me. I've seen many occasions of people waiting in Teamspeak for hours. Considering how much time I can put into staffing, I could immediately do support rooms as soon as I see a player waiting in a support room. I do not prioritize other players over others and I am a fair person. I do not put people with ranks in front of regular players as everyone deserves to get help and there are no other situations where they don't. I frequently interact with other players in chat, whether it is helping someone or giving away my items to new players so that they get a chance to play SagePvP with the correct gear. I am also very active on the both, the forums and in-game. I am also aware of the basics of Teamspeak. I know I've said this before, but it is always something good to have. I am fully aware of the commands of a Helper and I know what to do in different situations/scenarios as I've dealt with many players in the past due to my experience. I reckon I should get a chance, and I assure you, I will not mess up and you won't regret having me on the staff team.

You also should accept me because I'm:

I am kind to everybody and always will be, there are no exceptions.

If I suspect someone of cheating, I can watch them for a long time just to make sure that I do not false ban them.

Obviously, I wouldn't act toxic or immature whilst helping in Teamspeak or helping in-game. I would never do that and I'm never planning to.

As I've mentioned multiple times, I can put up to 3-4 hours each day, which is what is expected of me.

I've been staff on many different servers and I know what to do in different scenarios.

I am nice and respectful to everybody in Teamspeak and in-game. My last mute was a long time ago.

Ability to record
I can record, although it would be in low fps, it's better than nothing. I like to have evidence to back me up if I do ever get accused of abusing or breaking the rules as a staff member.

I can speak two languages, English and Polish, both fluently. This helps me if I ever move someone who doesn't speak English but rather Polish as I can understand and talk to them. If this application does get denied, I will most likely apply for Translator rank.

I have a good quality microphone, and the money to buy a new one (only if necessary). My microphone isn't the best, but it definitely isn't the worst. I am not scared to talk to other staff members or players and I do think that this is a skill to possess.

I always own up to my mistakes and I am always truthful about it. I would never lie as that is the immature thing to do.

I have really good English and grammar. This benefits if I were to do support rooms or talk to the player whilst Screen Sharing etc.

Fair and not bias
I am not bias towards any players, even the closest friends I have on this game.

Not abusive
I've never abused before and I never plan on doing so. I would never ever do this as abusing is not only against the rules, but a very unprofessional thing to do, especially if I want to become staff on such a large server like SagePvP.​

Can any staff member vouch for you?:
I Hope When they saw my apply, they vouch for me,

Additional Information:

Hey, my IGN is Matura and I am an aspiring Helper for the Server! I love to play football and minecraft has always been my favorite game. I love helping other people and I see myself as a nice person in general.
Hope to Get More Information Soon,​



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Nov 7, 2019
Very good staff member,

otherwise, pretty good.
And the reply above me, no he didn't, he was false demoted.
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