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IGN (In-Game Name): Senopia ( am not changing )

Age: 15
Timezone: Eu, Am from norway

Do you have any previous staff experience? (If so, list them below):
I have been staff on a few small servers, but i havent been staff on like any big servers.

Why would you like to become a staff member?:

I think I should become a helper because I've been with Sagepvp for several years now and I know the rules fairly well. I believe becoming apart of the staff team will better strengthen my connection with the community as well as embracing the rules to ensure that we have a more friendly environment.

Over the past few months, I've noticed that the server has been in much of an uproar and I believe that another member to the team would be a great decision. One thing I have also noticed is that most times, there aren’t a lot of staff members on. I would be able to fill in some of those gaps in staff activity on the server. I am a very friendly and open-minded person but I will not hesitate to punish a player who is doing something that is prohibited.

I feel like I would be very capable of doing this job because I am respectful and mature in the chat. I tend to respect everyone's opinions and I treat everyone the way I would want to be treated. I've also been known for being a, "try hard helper," meaning that I would go out of my way to help someone in need.

Helping a member of the community with a problem is one of my favorite things to do. Whenever an individual needs assistance or help, I am willing to help in all ways necessary to ensure that I can quickly respond to that problem or issue.

Hope u like reading this, ask me somthing if i need to write more or if i miss somthing.

I believe that balance is key. What I mean by balance is that I can have fun on a server that I can play and I can also punish a player when the time is needed. I feel as though everyone needs this type of balance and having this skill is crucial when being a staff member. Why I think this is crucial is because of the reason why many staff members resign. They just get bored with the fact that all they do is punish players instead of actually playing the game. But with me having this skill, I will ensure you that I will stay fully committed to this server.

I can be online.
Monday: 1-5 hours
Tuesday: 1-5 hours
Wednesday: 1-5 hours
Thursday: 1-5 hours
Friday: I can be on as long as i want to.
Saturday: I can be on as long as i want to.
Sunday: 1-7 hours
You must be at least 15 years old or above. Am 15 years old.
2. You must be extremely professional and mature. Yes i am extremely professional and mature.
3. You must have a good quality microphone. Yes i got a good quality microphone.
4. You must have Discord, Telegram, and Teamspeak. i got all discord telegram and teamspeak. Discord : Senopia#6839 telegram: @Lqcal

Sagepvp is, and always will be my favorite Minecraft server and I would be honored to further assist the Sagepvp`s community with the helpers position.

Can any current staff members vouch for you?: Yes, am a Quality man.

Additional Information?: I have birthday Birthday 18 mars, my real name is Marcus, i live in Norway, in a small city name ( Sandefjord ) i speak English, Norwegian, and a little bit Spanish.
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Lacking detail
Lacking experience
Why did you put the requirements on top of your application?

Edit: Alright, now you put them to the bottom of your application, nice.
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Thank you for taking the time to submit an application, but unfortunately it’s been denied.

- Lack of detail in several areas of your application

You may re-apply in 2 weeks time. Please take this time to revise your application if need be.
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