Denied Staff App


Senior Mod
IGN: TossPotter. NameMC link

Age: 16

Timezone: GMT

Country: England

Do you own a quality microphone?: Yes, and it of good quality

Do you have Discord, Telegram & Teamspeak?: Yes my discord is Toss#8535. Telegram is: tosspotter

Do you have any previous Staff Experience?:

For me Valux wasn't fun at all the drama got to me expressly when the new owner came. I got demoted back to Moderator Even though I was doing my job I personally thought that Valux had Destroyed the community and that's why I left ill explain more if you want. Valux was just to Frustrating for me to handle all you could see in chat is toxicity and when I'm applying for staff on a server I'm not looking for toxic community. if I was applying for staff on Sage and they changed owner complicity and it made the server go very toxic and enjoyable I would leave but this server has one of the best HCF Owners I've ever see he's good at controlling the community and other staff members.

So FizzyMC is a server that my friend had So he asked me if I wanted to Partner with him and I said sure and we had a couple maps fine having to fun no toxicity then this new staff member come along and he was not that nice and enjoyable to help with he always yelled and if you did something wrong he would get mad and everything like that and it get to annoying one day that I reported it to my friend (Higher staff) and they said "Hey a great guy you just need to know him" so I agree and got to know him and then he just got so mad at me he Threaten to DDoS me what was not fun so I reported it straight to the owner Immediately he said that so I decided to leave the network since the owner didn't anything, to help me and the issue then a couple weeks later I got a DM from him saying "you were right I should have listened" Then said wanna come back. I personally said no. Because I don't want any more drama in fine right now how I am.

Limit x2
I was staff on limit twice. The first time I really enjoyed playing limit and it was a great time for everyone to play. But then this new server came out it was called MineAus you probably should know it. I decided to leave limit. so there was no going back. I spoke with the old manager 50c and he said no I could not come back. And I completely lost interest in the game since I had no place where I enjoyed playing. A year later I found out Sage was still a thing so I decided to come back to Minecraft this time I was not as young. I started asking around to find the manager of the network who started everything for me and I applied for builder and I have to be honest I was very ungrateful about my position and fairly got demoted but that lighted my day I feel like I have to be more grateful about this position and take responsibility.

Veril Was a interesting server wouldn't say it was my favorite but I got builder on that server so I pretended to like it that was the biggest mistake you cant be staff/builder on a server and just pretend too like it you have to love it, well this is what happen on Veril I got permissions since I was doing well and I was a builder who could have perms to ban and mute players so I always flew around the server banning cheaters with valid evidence and this is were I met zExq he was moderator on the server and we use to ban hackers together this was a alright time for me but I left since I disliked Minecraft and when I came back it was shutdown.

Why do you want to become Staff?:
Respect & Maturity

My opinion Everybody should be respected doesn't matter if you're a Normal Member, Donator or staff everybody has a equal amount of respect. to be Respect and & Mature about Decisions you cant be rude to one another doesn't matter if you die just be Mature and do go ape on in your mind don't take it out on a player and being respectful and Mature feels good at the end of the day. it feels like you just achieved a life goal and there's nothing better than that feeling so everybody should be respectable, mature. you should also treat others as you like to be treated so if you "Roast" them. Then you're ofc gonna get roasted back Also everybody should be treated the exact same way doesn't matter if you're different should be treated like other people are treated.

Team Work
Being staff or controlling a server is an important task, you need to understand two things, one being teamwork and the other being team-effort. If you don't put your effort into the idea, you're not going to get anywhere. And if you don't work as a team, the community will dislike you. Working as a team is great, it doesn't leave anyone out since it includes all staff members. And sometimes even players too!

Making Friends
Making friends in life is one of the most in portent things and you can never have too many friends there all ways there for you and on Sage I've had some many great people come to me and if I'm feeling sad they ask whats wrong and if you need help they help you out! I Think a lot of people like myself. And i really appreciate that. The first person that acutely helped me out so much is Dumplings she is a great person and a hardworking staff member she always makes me laugh and everything Pokeys supports me on my decisions and tells me what should be fixed and what I could do better. I personally never thought I would be friends with Dumplings to this day but. It happened and I'm shocked.

The Sage community is wonderful they have such nice staff that help you 24/7 and you really help you not like other servers when they give you a little message on what the command is Sage staff give you great detail on it. Dont get me started on the community the community at times is a little toxic but isnt every community but this is defiantly the best Australian server out there no hands down. It really makes me want to be staff on here even more.

Being professional

Being Professional, is a huge thing on a server and if you're not professional it might come down into a consequence whats, not to good. Also being professional is needed on a server and if you're not professional then it might end up as a demote but. If you are professional like me then you must be respectable, Mutuality helpful and willing to do your job not doing the job is not good and it's being unprofessional whats not a good idea on a server. And I personally think it professional enough for this job application.


Catching Cheaters!
Catching hackers is the most important thing you have to be able to do your job and I can! Some examples are if someone is blatantly X-Raying I would still freeze them and give them the chance to admit because everyone should get a second chance. I'f they didnt admit and I was not SS verified I would go kindly ask a free staff member to Screen share them.

On Sage, I want to succeed and work my way up to a high position on the SagePvP Network. This is because I feel like I need some challenges and I genuinely feel like this could be a great oppurtunity to become a better staff member.

Being professional
As I state in "Why do you want to be staff" being professional is a really important factor in a server.

As you can see by my previous experiences I have racked up quite a resume. The servers I have been staff on do share a lot in common with Sage and this should help me as the staff team needs experienced individuals that know what they are doing.

I'm a very determined person and would never shy away from an opportunity or challenge. My goal on the server was to get to a high position and I'm not going to stop until that happens. No matter what setbacks or what things happen I'll be determined to carry on and fight through it.

For a 16 year old I and many other people believe that I am a very mature individual. In a staff team, this is striking. If a staff member can be fun but have the same balance of maturity as I do then it allows the work environment to be perfect and being mature is the best way of being respectable towards other as this can cause other players or staff members gaining respect towards me.


Screen Sharing (SSing)
SSing or screen sharing is important I know a little bit about it but not enough and thats why I want to come to Sage because I feel like I have a lot of potential for this server and that is great.

Staff members that can vouch me: Frazer, 2x12, IrishMagic