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Mar 20, 2020
IGN (In-Game Name):
Currently 15 years old turning 16 next year.
Do you have any previous staff experience?:
I've been staff on many servers but these are the ones that I enjoyed the most helping.

ExemptPvP: Admin - resigned.


Worked with Pr0fanity and Wyling for a little bit, but resigned because I didn't feel like the server was going anywhere, but still helped manage the server.
I enjoyed helping out and giving out information about the server details etc. They had an AMAZING management team and enjoyed my time there.

Cathedral: Moderator - resigned recently
Player base - 150-250


Enjoyed the server for a little bit until I was getting bad reputation because of the owner. Not going into detail, but I got a bit of bad reputation from a part of the server, but majority loved me being staff. Left recently this week, but will not discuss the reasons because it's terrible for the community.
Server wasn't bad in terms of enjoyment because if the players are happy with me, I'm happy no matter what. I was staff on here for about 3 weeks.

DrillPvP (Friend owned server): Admin - server shut down

PROOF: Invalid sorry this was in 2017-2018ish and I recently got a new pc.

SUPERB STAFF TEAM! Loved this server so much, built off good reputations and learned a lot from this one server thanks to
Trixtxn (my good friend). Appreciate him very much for giving me this opportunity because I learned a lot ranging from
Screensharing, and overall improved my activity as being a staff member. This is the server that actually wanted me to
start staffing, I really enjoyed it and wish I had recordings because I had some really good times with the staff team and helping out the server.

DarkPvP: T-Mod - demoted

PROOF: invalid, was in 2017 and like I said got a new pc.

Honestly, the management was terrible, staff team was toxic, many people were booters and was known for doxing so didn't like the team a bit after I got staff.
Also didn't really learn anything about staffing on here because like I said the management was just terrible.
Had a decent player base though just can't remember. I attempted to talk with higher ups about the management because I cared about the server and wanted it to grow and make a good reputation for it self, but I was always yelled at or made fun of for just being a Trial-Moderator.

Was staff on maybe 4-5 more HCF servers, but those were either really irrelevant or was too long ago, so can't really remember the names.
Learnt quite a bit about staffing from these view servers listed here and enjoyed it a lot most of the times. Still appreciate to be given the opportunity to be staff on the networks I've worked with in the past. Honestly helped me build up experience and reputation to move on. Once again Thank You, if your reading this! <3

Why would you like to become a staff member?:
I have several reasons why I'd like to be staff on SagePvP.

The main reason is I love the HCF community because i've been here for so long and I don't want the community to become worse. I would love to help out the community by giving back to them by keeping the server clean from cheaters, helping out support rooms a lot because I know how it feels if you urgently need help and you have to wait in support rooms for ages. I also want to become the staff member that is loved and players wanting to be supported by because of who I am. I would seeing the community being worse and dying out. I want to become the staff member that is not just an average one, but a really active, supportive, and trustworthy to the staff team. Additionally I've been thinking about recording a staff series for my channel and want to base my channel off of that because I LOVE that content and want to make some videos related to that. Playing HCF for about 4-5 years, I've realized that staff members abuse for friends, partners, etc, but that isn't me. That's why I want the server to be fair for everyone no matter who you are even a normal rank you should be treated just like a partner. No one should get any benefits for just simply being famous or rich, and I know when I'm staff I NEVER abuse EVER, so everyone can play for fun and enjoy the time on SagePvP. I also really want to become a staff member to start recording and chagne up my channel, I know who I am and how I am and feel like I'm ready to change my channel and show a reputation for SagePvP. Since the community is slowly dying, I want to be the one that puts the effort into the community to make a change, the way I'm going to do this is through activity, and hard work. Putting in effort and time would change the outcome of the HCF community because there wouldn't be many hackers or people who are doing things which are not allowed on SagePvP. Keeping the community clean, will hopefully revive it, that is what I want to see. I've been playing for tons of years and I don't want this to just die and disappear. I want this community to hopefully play for many more years and actually enjoy the game without rule breakers/cheaters. Although that is hard to do myself, but putting time and effort into something you love, will change the outcome. I'm hoping to change this outcome, starting off with SagePvP, and ending my staffing career at SagePvP meaning I want this server to be the server I staff for until it is my time to leave the community and move on with life. I will forever have a history with this community, by changing it.

If accepted, how would you improve the players' experience?:

This is actually a very important topic, but the first step is activity. Without activity I can't do any of these listed in this paragraph.

Firstly, to change the player's experience on SagePvP would be activity for me. If I'm not active then I can't actually improve the player's experience because I won't be there or I will be really inactive and wouldn't really change anything about their experience. Although I would make sure even is being helped in support rooms, on sage I've seen many people wait over 30 minutes to even 1-2 hours just to get some support, and if I get staff I can assure you 110% that you won't see anyone waiting in support rooms for more than 10-15 minutes MAX. I'm also not into all that favoritism meaning, just because I have some friends or any partners on the server, I'm not going to be bias for them. I'd listen to each story 1 by 1 and sort it out from there so both of the sides get fairness and also making sure that I also follow the rules and guidelines given to me as a staff member. I also have amazing communication skills and I can put my self in their shoes and have a good understanding about what they need help with. I can assist anyone with no problems and make sure they are satisfied with the server's support team. I hope that once I'm at SagePvP I can change the players experience and make the server more enjoyable for not just the f top rewards, but to actually play it.

If you were to rate your honesty on a scale of 1-10, what would it be and why?

Honestly I would give my self a 8 because no one is perfect, BUT everyone has the chance to improve and become a better person. In terms of staffing I am 100% honest and will never lie to neither the nor staff team. I will be honest I've lied before, and its okay because no one is perfect. Everyone lies, everyone changes throughout time. Being honest for a certain amount of time will change eventually no matter what because that's just how life is. Giving my self an 8 right now can change in a matter of a few days, few months, or even years.

Can any current staff members vouch for you?:
The one and only Bannan!

Additional Information?:

Hey, I'm Shotbow (Carson) I've been playing minecraft since 2010 or 2011 and I'm looking to become staff on SagePvP. I'm from the PST timezone, but also up at EU times. I sleep around 4am PST so about 7am EST and thats around the EU timezone.

From my experience I've been taught a lot of important things, like screensharing, not being bias and just being a overall great staff member to the community.

I know how to screenshare a bit and can find most website booters, a few desktop booters and already know the PCAClient method to find cheats. I'm looking to be with SagePvP for a long term staffing time, to gain experience and build a better HCF community because we all know, this community has been through a ton. I also want to become SS verified so I can record for my channel and upload some screensharing videos and things like that.

I honestly just want the change the experience for the players at SagePvP and make it a better community for our players.
I also hope people like our staff team while I'm there.
Thanks for reading my application, please be honest and let me know what I should work on.
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