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It has recently come to my attention that the sagepvp staff are bias and unjustified. My post was taken down for the reason, and i quote "Don't post again please". I went into teamspeak to find out the problem with my post and guess what it was? The swastika? nooooo. My post? noooo. It was the replies! Why take down my post because of what other people say? Makes no sense to me. I join teamspeak for the 2nd time and I am greeted with "What do you want" -Amilla. He tells me that my post was taken down by him and I respond with "I will just reupload without the swastika" and he kicks me out of the channel? I can't control peoples replies so don't take down my post, take down their replies wtf. In my old post I said "My faction is jewish and this was really hurtful to us" and Tyes tells me I can't say that. It doesn't matter if were jewish or not I can lie about it and its not againts the rules

This picture was taken with a swastika in the background so of course I take it out and post it like this. My post was taken down 2 times the past 2-3 hours because of the replies. Please don't be a toxic in my replies. Thank you.

My old post:
crisily unvanishes in front of my faction and proceeds to take a screen shot with a swastika with us. Keep in mine our entire faction is Jewish so this was very hurtful to us. We don't feel safe playing this server anymore because of the staff. They proceed to screen share us every single and false ban even though we don't condone cheating/doxxing/ddosing. We have repeatedly @everyone'd in our discord server reminding them of this. What crisily did was very unproffesional. I just want to ask, was it worth it? Why would you unvanish in the first place. Please demote him. +1 or -1. and If nothing is done we will post this on twitter and send it to Goothy News. 2020-05-25_22.56.47.png 2020-05-25_22.56.47.png
[12:43 AM]
crisily doing it again

[12:44 AM]
crisily unvanishing again


Thank you very much for this report, @Cheulsy. I take this report like all others very seriously and will ensure something like this NEVER happens again, I can assure you of that. I will leave this post open for community/staff transparency, but as of right now, the situation has been resolved. Again, thank you for the report.

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