Denied PPlayed’s Staff Application


↬ IGN (In-Game Name): Vapxr19 (alt which would be my staff account)
↬ Age: 14 almost 15
↬ Region (EU/NA/Other): NAE, EST
↬ Do you have any previous staff experience?: I was a SA in one major bedrock hcf server but it slowly died out and I left the team.
↬ Why would you like to become a staff member?: because hcf is dry and it seems fun to be apart of the great staff team!
↬ If accepted, how would you improve the players' experience?: i would help everyone in ts while im on and everyone who asks for staff, i’d help.
↬ If you were to rate your honesty on a scale of 1-10, what would it be and why?: id rate myself a 7 honesty if im being honest (budum chhhh), because I often if not do not lie to ANYONE and have lots of friends who trust me.
↬ Can any current staff members vouch for you?:idk maybe but tbh prob not (optional)
↬ Can you meet the weekly requirement of a minimum of 12 hours playtime per map? (If you cannot meet this then your application will automatically be denied.): yes
↬ What is your telegram @?: PPlayed
↬ What is your discord @?: ! cloutminer#1338
↬ Additional Information (optional)?: No.
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