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I come from Netherlands and my timezone is GMT+2 EST


Do you own a quality microphone?:
Yes, I am pretty sure I do.

Do you have a Discord, Telegram & Teamspeak?:
Yes, I do.
Discord: Optifyq#0160
Telegram: @Wrldlz

Do you have any previous staff experience?:

I was a Mod+ on AngelPvP, which used to be a HCF server around 2021 / 2022. My role allowed me to deal with users that were alting and evading punishments, so one of my main roles was punishing those users. Aside from this, I also had regular Moderation duties including punishing members for rule-breaking, answering questions in chat, and handling support in teamspeak and discord. I was also getting SS verified rank / role. But sadly while I was getting it the owners of the server has shutted down the server.
Duration: 2 and a half Months+

I was a Moderator on a Discord Server called Custom's Magical World. My duty was to make sure that the chat was not being inappropriate or too mean/offensive. I was accepted to ensure that the community would stay positive. My job(s) included doing support tickets, punishing rule-breakers, lending a helping hand whenever I could, and every now and then submitting ideas and suggestions.
Duration: 4 Months+

I was an Administrator on Hygon, which was an unsuccessful HCF server. I was the Head of SS and managed to get a few moderations and other interactions on the server. However, it didn't last long and unfortunately lost my position due to the server shutting down.
Duration: 0.5 Months

Why do you want to become staff?:

I feel like I have a lot of qualities I can contribute to SagePvP. I've seen the community and the server and I feel like it's definitely something I want to make a positive impact on. One my my passions is to help people, and I want to contribute this in as many ways as possible on SagePvP. I also want to learn more about staffing and moderation, so I feel that this will help me better the skills I already have, and learn new ones. As mentioned, I want to help in as many ways as possible, whether that be through managing tickets, answering general questions, or punishing players in-game (chat, gameplay, cheating offences, etc.)

Why should we accept you as a staff?:

Having been in many previous staff positions I understand how to punish appropriately and how to deal with different situations. I've been in the Minecraft community for over 7 years and have experienced many different members and personalities. I understand how to deal with these in the best ways possible.

Being 15, I understand that it sounds like I'm going to immature. However, I know how to deal with different situations without escalating it further. I understand when something is a joke and when something is serious. Taking something seriously is important, since you don't want to offend anyone by not taking their situation seriously and genuinely.

Whatever I'm doing, I always put all of effort into whatever I do. I'm always sure when I want to put my mind into something, and MineGem is one of these. I want to contribute fully to make sure every player's experience is as best as possible, and I will make sure to do this by being active and committed to my duties as staff.

Can any staff member vouch for you?:

As far as I know no, but If I get accepted to the staff team I am willing to make some friendship with the staff team members, and get to know them.

Additional information:

Thank you for considering and reading my application!​
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You deserve a +1 man. I like the way that you got quite a bit of detail into not so much text, however, try adding some proof of staffing, it would help. Good luck my friend.


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You deserve a +1 man. I like the way that you got quite a bit of detail into not so much text, however, try adding some proof of staffing, it would help. Good luck my friend.
Thank you so much, but just a quick heads up sadly I do not have any proof of staffing. Because all the server I was staff on I either retired or the server had shut down. So I am sorry but i cannot get any proof.


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Hello, what did I do wrong into this application? I've seen you have been going around and typing "-1" for everyone but you don't seem to explain the issue. So may I know what the issue is? Thank You.


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I have reviewed your application. I am glad to inform you it has been set to pending!
Please contact me on Telegram: @SewingMC
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