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Jan 25, 2019

Welcome to the SagePvP Official Rules Page!

By playing on the server and/or using the forums you must follow these rules in order to not be punished.
Please check this thread regularly to see if we have updated or changed any of the network rules, forums rules, or in-game rules.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask an Admin. The rules include but are not limited to:

General Guidelines

1). Do not cheat.
Any type of cheat is not allowed.

2). Do not lie to staff.
Giving false statements to a staff member.

3). Do not DDoS/Dox/Dos etc...
This includes DDoS/Dox/Dos comedy, Swatting, Leaking personal info and anything related. This is still very serious even if done as a joke.
Any talk about this subject is punishable. Releasing any personal information, including your own, is NOT ALLOWED.
This includes public chat and messages.

4). Do not scam real currency.
No IRL money trading etc.

5). Do not impersonate staff.
This includes in Discord, Telegram, Teamspeak, the forums, and in-game.

6). Do not harass any players or staff members.
This includes in Discord, Telegram, Teamspeak, the forums, and in-game.

7). Your IP is your responsibility.
If one of your accounts is banned or punished, and you log onto another to get around that punishment, you will be punished.

8). Do not share your account.
If you are sharing your account, you may be banned due to the other persons's actions. We highly advise that you do not share your accounts.
Your account your responsibility.

  Please make sure to read the Terms of Purchase on our store: Terms and Conditions
  If your account is banned and someone else was using it, you assume that punishment onto your account and not that specific player.

Keep in mind that this is not a complete list of rules, but it is a general guideline on what NOT to do on our network.

Forums Rules:

1). Do not post spam of any kind.
This includes creating multiple threads with the same topic. Creating multiple comments within a certain time frame that are about the same
subject. If you feel the need to create a new comment, please edit the previous one.

2). Do not post any type of threat.
This includes verbal threats, in-game threats, and real life threats of any kind.

3). Do not advertise any servers or other websites.
This includes content from other networks and phishing websites.
This includes discord links. Use PM's.

4). Do not create multiple accounts to avoid mutes and or bans.
This is ban evasion and will not be tolerated.

5). Do not messages staff members or players with intentions to harm or disturb.
This includes in Discord, Telegram, Teamspeak, the forums and in-game.

6). Any thread that is over a month old without relevant replies will be locked and archived.
If you reply to an old thread, your comment will be deleted and the thread will be locked.

These are some general guidelines on what isn't allowed on the forums. There are certain things that are not listed here but are still not allowed.

In-Game Rules:

1). Butterfly clicking is at your own risk.
You may be banned for this and it is strongly discouraged. You may be banned for butterfly clicking or drag clicking.

2). Do not auto-click or use any sort of program or macro that assists you in clicking.
You may only use your finger to click (no fidget spinners).

3). Do not advertise other servers.
This includes ip's of any kind as well as websites and videos or content that include other networks.

4). Do not post links in the chat.
This includes server IP's, Teamspeak IP's, Discord links, etc...

5). Do not ban evade.
Using an alternate account to bypass a punishment.

6). Don't be racist.
Racism and racial slurs are not allowed.

7). No excessive griefing.
Placing an excessive amount of irrelevant blocks around or near someone's claim or around an event zone.
This includes cobble monsters and huge amounts of water.

8). No insiding of any sort
This includes removing items, making your faction raidable on purpose, griefing your faction. (Letting players in, looting etc...)
NOTE: Admitting to insiding cannot be given as proof of insiding if the faction requires a rollback

9). No allying, unless the map allows it.
Allying is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to: letting players into your base in order to save them from another faction, fighting with anyone who is not in your faction. This rule is simple, anyone who tries and finds loopholes will just be banned. Any sort of allying situation should have sufficient evidence of two or more different factions working together for 45 seconds or longer.

10). No alting to boost DTR or avoid deathbans/cooldowns.
Using alternate accounts or inactive accounts to gain extra DTR or bypass death bans/cooldowns/dtr regen.

11). No DTR evasion.
This includes leaving the faction, being kicked, or creating a new faction to avoid loss of DTR and/or a claim/base.

12). No block glitching or pearl glitching.
If you kill a player by glitching you will receive a penalty. When in a base, pearling in a 1 block gap to either pearl out of the base, or jump out is not considered pearl glitching. You may not cancel your pearl by using /hub or logging off. Pearling through an iron door is allowed.

13). No exploiting bugs or glitches of any kind.
Abusing bugs/glitches without reporting them to staff is punishable.

14). Do not cheat.
Any hacked clients are not allowed this includes auto-clicking and any other type of disallowed modifications.

15). Do not help hackers.
Helping a cheater for the benefit of your self or others.

16). Do not sell accounts.
Selling any type of accounts using the SagePvP network is punishable.

17). Do not kill boost.
Killboosting will also result in a wipe of all of your faction points.

18). No alting in another faction.
You may only play in 1 faction on 1 account at a time. Alt accounts can not be in a faction.

19). Do not create or use any sort of illegal trap.
This includes suffocation traps(pistons), drowning traps, burning / lava traps, placing levers, or portal trapping. This means under no circumstance are you to put any block at the same height as someone's head or body.

20). Do not misuse /helpop or /report.
This includes using the commands when you do not need assistance.

21). Do not kick and kill.
When you kill a player after kicking them from your faction. This rule does not apply if the kicked player attacks first. Baiting a player to hit you and then killing them is also a punishable offense. You will only be refunded for kick and kill if your playtime is under 6 hours.
You must have video proof for kick and kill AND reverse kick and kill to be refunded. You MUST be able to prove who started fighting first.

22). Do not hold hostage.
When you hold a player in your base for 5 minutes or longer with no attempts of trying to kill the player. Essentially wasting the players' time by keeping them in combat. If the user that is being held hostage and is in the same section of your base for longer then 5 minutes they will get teleported out of your base.

23). Do not PvP Timer abuse.
Using your PvPTimer to trap, block, or pick items up.

24). Do not freeze your Minecraft.
Intentionally freezing your game to the point where your character will not move.

25). Do not record a screenshare.
This includes Shadowplay (NVIDIA/Geforce), OBS, Action, Bandicam, Discord, Skype, etc...
  No audio or video recordings are allowed

26). Do not use spambots.
o use an excessive amount of alts to say a message at once. *Maximum 3 alts per person

27). Do not send any sort of death threats.
Threats toward other users life or well being.

28). Combat logger abuse.
Repeatedly logging in and out to prevent being hit.

29). Do not attempt to false flag "Flash."
Purposely attempting to flag the anti-cheat.

30). You may not use mods with illegal modifications.
All disallowed mods are shown at the bottom of this page.

31). Anti-Invis packs are NOT allowed.
Packs that show invisible players.

32). Do not mute evade.
Using an alternate account to bypass a mute/using commands in game to show custom messages in public chat.

33). No Botting of ANY KIND
If you are found to be botting the server you will be blacklisted. This includes but is not limited to using programs such as OQMineBot or any console client program.

34). No FTOP boosting
You are not allowed to switch between factions or cause multiple factions to win ftop prizes.
One prize will be awarded to a faction or a group that commonly plays together.

35). Do not elo boost.
Eloboosting will also result in a wipe of all of your practice statistics.

This is not a complete list of rules for in-game play, but it is a general guideline on what NOT to do in-game.

Teamspeak Rules:
Do not troll in the support rooms.
This includes playing soundboards, racism or toxicity, and not listening to staff members.

2) Do not use any sort voice changer or modifier.
Any voice modification devices like clownfish are not allowed.

3) Do not waste staff time.
Taking up a staff members time without the intent to seek help.

4) Do not link anything inappropriate in chat.
This includes screamers and pornographic, inappropriate or disturbing content.

5) You cannot appeal someone elses ban

If you are caught breaking any of these rules please make a punishment appeal using this link.
Do not make duplicate appeals. You must wait 14 days between each appeal.

Allowed Mods

As a general precaution, please understand that the use of any mods on our network is your responsibility and at your own risk. You should always download the mods from their official source and never from a third party as the mods downloaded from a third party may not be safe (This could cause punishment and/or the mods may have malware in them).

Mods Allowed

  1. Client Sided Performance/Cosmetic Mods: This is anything that changes the cosmetic look of your game without adding information that players would not be able to have in the vanilla version of Minecraft. This includes performance (FPS) enhancing mods such as OptiFine and full bright. This list does not include all allowed mods, only the most prominent..
    1. Optifine
    2. Shaders
    3. ArmorStatusHUD
    4. PotionStatusHUD
    5. DirectionHUD
    6. Perspective Mod
    7. Keystrokes Mod
    8. FastChat
    9. MotionBlur
    10. ShinyPots
    11. ToggleSneak/ToggleSprint
  2. Minecraft Clients: These clients are allowed in their default state with no external modifications.
    1. Forge (With allowed mods)
    2. CosmicClient
    3. 5zig (Certain options are not permitted)
    4. BadlionClient
    5. LunarClient
    6. PvPLounge
    7. CheatBreaker
If a mod does not fall under the general guidelines listed above, assume it is not allowed and contact a staff member in TeamSpeak ( or the forums.

We do not list the mods that are disallowed. If you have any questions, please ask a staff member. As stated above, any modifications used on our network are at your own risk and may cause you to be punished.

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