Denied Obmoc Staff Application


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IGN (In-Game Name): Obmoc

Age: 16

Region: (EU/NA/Other): NA

↬ Do you have any previous staff experience?:

Karrat - Mod
Proof - Click This

VergeHCF - Owner( I was basically Admin )
Proof - Click This

HydenMC - Mod
Proof - Click This

PvPTemple - Mod
Proof - Click This

CavePvP - Trial Mod
Proof - Click This

All the servers i got proof of ^
NonProof Servers Below

Paradox - Mod

Mythic - Mod

SynHCF - Admin

GovHCF - Mod

↬ Why would you like to become a staff member?:

I really want to become a staff member at SagePvP because i would like to get wider staff experience and i would like to staff a great community & help the community grow further into an even better community to come into, I also want to become a staff member because i think i have alot of expertise within the field and i could help new staff member & members to the community get to know the server, i also wish to become staff at SagePvP due to my education. My education includes working with people and getting to know new people, so i think this experience will be great for me as a person aswell.
I have had a good past experience with being staff/modding on a server/discord. Also I think myself that I'm very active and help a lot of people with basic questions. I have a lot of experience in the server nor Minecraft experience. I know a lot about different types of hacks, this can help me catch cheaters easier since I have used them myself too.
For me to be a staff member it means that I have a big responsibility and an important role online the server. It also means that I need to be awake all the time when something happens if I’m online, I can’t be a little bit sleepy and not catch what’s happening in the chat. To me it also means that I can do a difference as a staff member, not all players come thru with their ideas but as a staff member I have a slim more chance that I can take an idea forward since the management probably recognize a staff members message more often. To be a staff member it means that you are the person that people look up to, you have gotten the opportunity to get this assignment and they look up because you are a person that knows a lot and can help them if they are stuck on something. If you do something terrible online the players won’t look up to you and that is a bad thing.

I am a very positive boy that is a good strength to have, I am positive about everything that I encounter, I am not so negative so that is also very nice. My positiveness has gotten others to look positive at other things that they maybe have been depressive about, and I have helped them get it away since I am so positive.
I care for all the players on the server, even the staff team. I love to help them and that’s also a wonderful strength that you care. I am not the person that doesn’t care about someone, I love to care, because then if you know me, they always know they have someone that cares for them, and in many people that is safety.
You will almost every day find me in a good mood when Im logging on, i am consistently happy all the time, and that also gets to people, if they meet me I am always happy, I would never log on the server or meet friends if I’m not happy, because then I could get mad at anything, so I would never log on if I’m not happy. So, you would always have a happy staff member when he logs online.
I type very fast and have good control over what I am typing, This is good because then I can reply to players fast and with a good answer if they wonder about something, I always have my hands on my keyboard so that will not be a problem.
I love to advice people, I am very good at showing people and learning them and giving them good advice and how to solve this problem in the best way for the staff and player, so I am very good at advice, since I have been staff for so long I know a few tricks that can help people out.
Being structured is important which i am, I always have control over what I’m doing and have all my stuff for being online ready to roll when I log online, I always have my documents and stuff ready so that is a positive thing to have with me since I have dealt with a lot of rush on a server before.
Every staff team needs to have a humoristic person, I consider I am one of the humoristic people, because I always know my way around a joke and I have such a catching laugh everyone would know me in probably 1-2 weeks if I may be accepted.
I am good at calling the last word in a case, I have many replies that I can use to close a case or end it and help the player if he hasn’t gotten his help from other staff.

↬ If accepted, how would you improve the players' experience?:

[My Strengths]
I believe I possess the maturity necessary to maintain the integrity of the server in an appropriate manner. I always treat other players respectfully and am welcoming to new players. While it is easy for some to belittle and disrespect people they contact on the internet because they can't place a face on the person behind other screen, I avoid doing so and want everyone to have a good time. For this reason, as a helper, I would be able to help make SagePvP a fun place for all by handling problems in a composed way. As another strength, I am familiar with the rules and often try to help staff maintain them.

[My Weaknesses]
I haven't quite gotten to the point of joining the teamspeak server. For this reason, I am not especially familiar with much of the current staff. However, I do still try to communicate and interact with staff and many other players through conversations in the main chat or private messages( but i can still vc) . It's hard for me to do Interviews and help players while talking because I got ADHD and I talk too fast that i can't think before hand so i stutter.

↬ If you were to rate your honesty on a scale of 1-10, what would it be and why?
8-9 and why is it 8-9 because im a honest boy irl even know this is a game im a honest and nice to people that aint a bitch to me.

↬ Can you meet the weekly requirement of a minimum of 12 hours playtime per map? (If you cannot meet this then your application will automatically be denied.) yes i can
↬ What is your telegram @?: @ObmocYT | Discord: Obmoc#6334
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+0.5 Whenever you said you had past experience you should have put proof in your application. Best of luck though


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I have reviewed your application. Unfortunately, it has been denied.
You may re-apply in 2 weeks.