Suggestion New Rank, Team Sizes and General Suggestions

Apr 26, 2019

First of all, I want to talk about Sage adding a new rank. This is because I feel that too many people are now starting to have Ares rank as sometimes I'm 80 in queue after queueing for 30 minutes and personally I'd rather be higher to make claiming easier obviously. The new rank could also come with a permanent Legendary Diamond kit and permanent Legendary Miner kit, similar to the kits a new rank got on a server which has recently shut down which I'm sure everyone has played before. The reclaim could be 20x OP keys, 5 Legendary keys and 1 Seasonal crate (e.g. a Spring crate). The rank could also maybe get no death ban, 3x Spawn credits upon first join or reclaim and /nick, /fly in spawn and Hub servers and finally access to /ci or /clearinventory (disabled in combat). Personally I think this would be a perfect amount of perks for a new rank at a higher price.

Second of all, I want to talk about faction sizes. I feel that on Sage the faction sizes sometimes are too small. An example of this is this map, which is 4 mans. I feel Squads should not go below 5 man and not above 7 man and Teams should not go below 8 man and not above 10 man, allies always disabled on Teams and rarely but sometimes enabled on Squads. This is because 4 man limits the amount you can do, you can't really team fight as a 4 man, right? 4 man is just really base pvp and the odd KOTH.

Third of all, I want to bring up some general suggestions. I feel as if there should have blocking up always disabled even though they have been recently which has been quite fun. I always find it more enjoyable to play with no blocking up however I believe redstone and spleef trapping should always be allowed.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to +1 or -1 below and maybe with some further adaptions to these suggestions.


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Feb 7, 2019

Sounds like a copy of other servers. I like the idea but it seems like a copy and paste kind of thing.