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May 4, 2019
IGN: StaffTP
United States
Do you own a quality microphone?: Yes.
Do you have Discord, Telegram, and Teamspeak?: Yes.
Do you have any previous staff experiences?:

SacredMC: Trial-Mod, Demoted. It was my first ever time being staff on a server. It was a lot to take in. On that server, I could play as a trial-moderator on HCF. I and my friends were messing around and I abused. That is my first staff experience on any server ever.

ArcaneCC: Chat-Mod, Resigned. It was a lot to handle and at the time it meant I couldn't hang out with my friends because I would have to put said hours into the server each week. This caused me to be on the server every time I was available. I realized I was going to lose all of my friends doing so, This caused me to resign.

DrillPvP: Owner, Shut down because I took a break from the game. Very active, and had good players. I met a bunch of people that have helped me over the years of me playing making this server. Probably the best thing I could have done during my years of Minecraft. The meeting of said people has possibly changed my life. I met many staff members of huge servers such as VeltPvP when it was getting thousands of players on SOTW. I also learned how people really are when you need them the most. I am the type of person to always be there for you because I know how much it would have helped if someone was there for me to help when I knew nothing about making a server. I owned DrillPvP for about 3 months and mainly quit because I had hit the max of the servers potential and it was decreasing.

HcZones: Mod+, Server shut down/ ownership changed. I was very active until talk about the server shutting down was brought up. I was staff for 2 months and that gave me the opportunity to become a mod+. I learned a lot from this experience more than others. This was my first time actually taking my job seriously. Everyone there respected each other and it worked out great. I had over 75 bans in 1 month. 25 screen shares / caught them hacking. I remember this because of the owner mentioning it to everyone how good I did and how they should work to become more like me. This really inspired me to become a dedicated staff member on any server that I was given the opportunity to become staff on.

Trexic: Platform-Admin, I was staff on there for about 3 months. I would help manage the staff and take any complaints to the manager. On sotw, it would have 50+ people and I would help manage it all, From buycraft to glitches. I worked side by side the hcf core with PlumpOrange to fix glitches. The server shut down and the owner made a new server. I was more active on this server than others

SagePvP: Helper, I resigned from SagePvP a couple months back. I had some family issues going on and I needed to take a break. I have recently gotten a new pc as a early Christmas gift and i think I'm ready to fill my full potential on helping the server out like I was before, This time 110% better!

SagePvP: Mod, I re-applied a few months after I resigned from the staff team the first time. Worked my way back up to moderator. It was just a bad time for the staff team in general. I decided to resign once again, Now I am hopefully back to stay.

These are the main servers that I have been staff on.

Why do you want to become staff?:
I would like to become staff on the SagePvP network because over the past few weeks I have been playing I have come across a couple of hackers that I could have banned right away other than to wait for a staff member to do so. I have also answered many questions that players have asked. I have been helpful in my eyes to everyone that had a question. I have also told my friends about the server and they have come on and enjoyed me telling them about the server. I do have a lot of staff experience so I do know how to deal with cheaters fairly well. I can also do some light java and I am fluent in javascript so I could help the dev team if they needed help at all. I am friends with a couple of staff so they could teach me the ropes and I would not have to bug the manager. Since I have been staff on so a few well-known servers I know some good youtubers that I could get to stream on the server. I have gone into Teamspeak a few time for problems I needed a staff member's help with, Every time I went into Teamspeak the staff was nice and professional. They were kind but did not take the feeling of professional away from me. That is really motivating me to make an application so I can be apart of a great staff team and I cannot wait to motivate someone else as they have to me. I would also do everything that I will be asked to do, I am a very serious person at everything I do but I will not take it far enough to cause drama and/or be disrespectful. As serious I would be at my job I am also a jokester, I would never do anything unprofessional to the eyes of the public. Like I have stated before I could be very active due to most of my friends playing on the server. I would never argue with a higher up staff or a lower one. I am very respectable and will always put the server first. It is always nice to help someone no matter what. If I were to become staff I would take any means to make a person happy. Whenever someone thanks me for something that I have done ever, It gives me a great feeling that I just cant explain. Like wow, I can actually do something that people enjoy me for. It really makes me happy to keep doing great at what I do. I always take what people say seriously if anyone has ideas for me that I should change I would immediately implement them into my performance to become better at my job. I have met most of the staff team already and we seem to get along, I think being a part of the staff team would be a great experience for me to learn.

Why should we accept you as staff?:
You should accept me as a staff member because I am helpful. I have many experiences in being staff on hcf servers. I know how to screen share. I will also be very active on the server. I can be a jokester some times but I will always be professional to the eyes of the public. First impressions are key to me so I will always be professional to every player so they know that this server takes it seriously and they will enjoy playing. I will always be in Teamspeak even if I am not able to play. If I need to help someone I will take time out of my activity to help them. I hope to help people that really need help. When I help someone it gives me a great feeling when they thank me for how much I have helped them. On all of my staff experiences, I have always enjoyed compliments of how I helped someone. I also enjoy feedback on anyway I can improve myself, I will take every comment on improvement for myself and implement it to myself so the person that commented that opinion will see how I have changed and no other person will think the same idea. If I get accepted and after a while of being staff I will eventually get promoted, After my promotion, I will always help new staff and teach them the rights and wrongs. I could be their personal mentor that will answer any questions and I would also tell them anything that they should change in their performance. Like I have stated before I know how to screen share, This will make it easier for me to find cheaters and make the server a clean place. Another reason you should accept me as staff on SagePvP is that I am very dedicated to anything I put my mind to and I believe I could help the server become more professional. One other reason you should accept me for staff on the SagePvP network is that I actually sound 15 and am not lying about my age like half of your staff. I also hope to join the staff team and be a great addition right away. That is all I can say to why you should accept me as staff, I can assure I will prove myself worthy if I can get the opportunity. In everything I do from day to day I am dedicated. From school to potentially being staff on sage. I can vouch for my self that I will be putting 110% effort into the server every time I am online.

If accepted, how would you improve the players' experience?:
If I were to be accepted, I believe I can say I will work to improve the players' experience. Now for how, I simply can say that I can use my own experience to improve theirs. I can use my staffing experience to make justified punishments, Justified statements, Etc. I can also improve the players' experience by being active. I have very little to do since Covid-19 restrictions so I can say I am very active and can be counted on when needed. Now to even better the players experience, I would listen to them. Most staff on HCF servers argue with the players that I have noticed. But what I don't think they realize is that, The staff work FOR the players. I would listen to all player feedback and think of the pro's and con's of that feedback, And whether it is worthy of forwarding. I know that servers are always looking for more interesting ideas to bring in more players and make it a more fun experience for the players.

If you were to rate your honesty on a scale of 1-10, what would it be and why?
If I were to rate my honesty on a scale of 1-10 I would put my self as a solid 8. The reason I chose the number 8 is because, Well. I don't lie. I will always tell my side of the story, Even if it may hurt my side of the story. I'd rather just live up to it than wait and have others find the truth.

Can any staff members on the team vouch for you?
Marik, + a few others. Waiting on a response if I can add them.

Additional Information:
I hope to see you soon on the staff team.

- You must be at least 15 years old
- Must be an active member of the forums and the server
- You must have at least one previous HCF staff experience
- You may not plagiarise or copy another users application
- You can not be a toxic member of the community

- You may not apply using other links (ex. google docs)
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Aug 12, 2019

I was previously staff with StaffTP, he would be a perfect addition to the staff team.
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May 10, 2019
(!) -1 (!)

(+) Great amount of detail

(-) Lack of proof
(-) Stated above (Asking people to +1/view your application)
(-) Switch up the format, this makes it hard to read.

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Mar 8, 2020
Seattle, WA
Thanks for taking the time to create an application, but unfortunately it's been denied.

You can re-apply for staff in 2 weeks time. Please take this time to review your application and make any necessary changes.
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