Denied Fakking Staff Application

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↬ IGN (In-Game Name): Fakking
↬ Age: 16
↬ Region (EU/NA/Other): EU

↬ Do you have any previous staff experience?:

Arcane (Mod), this server has been down for a long time but I really enjoyed my time at arcane. Here I learned how to do support rooms and discord tickets. I left due to my grades slipping and wanted them to improve.

FinPrison (Helper), This is a basic prison Finnish server. Here we only used discord to do support rooms and tickets to help the users that played. I left this server as the owner and higherups didn’t like me very much, they never told me why they didn’t they just didn’t for some unknown reason so with that I felt I wasn’t going to go anywhere promotion wise so I left.

PVPteams (Mod), This is a Finnish server where you focus on the basic pvp element of the server by pvping with only sword, bow, rod and apples (no pots). This server we also used discord to help users. I done really well here with the support rooms and tickets I got staff of the week once. This server ended due to the lack in players sometimes so they thought it was for the best they ended the server.

↬ Why would you like to become a staff member?:

I really enjoyed staffing at the time, but I quit to become a hcf player. Sage has been my main server I have been playing it since 2019. I have won ftop a couple of times, now I am starting school again and I don’t have enough time to try hard for ftop 1 anymore so I would like to put some time into something good (staffing). I know some staff and they always tell me how enjoyable it is at sage. So, I feel like I could excel a lot by being a staff member at sage. I am a quick learner so the rules and the guide won’t be a problem, I am also willing to learn how to screenshare to help improve sage get rid of all the cheaters.

↬ If accepted, how would you improve the players' experience?:

As I have said I am willing to become ss verified to help sage get rid of all the cheaters, I am a quick learner so it should be easy enough. I am also a very polite and kind person to be around so support rooms should go well. I know sage has a problem with doxers atm and that is fine. I have been doxed before, I know how to handle them (Try and by as kind as possible and help them with any issues within reason).

↬ If you were to rate your honesty on a scale of 1-10, what would it be and why?

9, it is very hard for me to lie but if I need to lie to protect my identity for example from harmful people I can lie to get out of the situation. But if like someone I know or another staff asks or wants to know anything within reason I will always tell the truth as everyone knows it is the right thing to do.

↬ Can any current staff members vouch for you?: (optional)

IrishMagic, I have know him for a while and he talks about how fun it is to be staff and all the opportunities it brings.

↬ Can you meet the weekly requirement of a minimum of 12 hours playtime per map?

(If you cannot meet this then your application will automatically be denied.)

I can exceed that requirement by a lot averaging around 1d per map probably even more.

↬ What is your telegram @?:
↬ What is your discord @?:

↬ Additional Information (optional)?:
Willing to learn anything
Already know some rules
I can translate for Finnish players
I can record situations at anytime
Really Active
I can speak fluent English & Finnish
I have a good quality microphone
I have no proof of my past staff experience as I didn’t plan to staff again


Active member
- Lack of detail.
-Lack of experience

-Altough seems like a nice person.

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