Builder Application

Nov 21, 2020
IGN (In-Game Name): 7S6 / Smtt - Smtt is my old main that I built on the other servers on but I switched main. I can prove it if thats needed.
Age: 15
Timezone: GMT+1 Sweden
Do you have Telegram?: Yes
Whats your telegram name?: "7S6..."
Previous work (Portfolio):

1605917504631.png <---- This
1605917560730.png <-- This
1605917609950.png <--- And this build are all made in 1 day
Underground Koth
Entrance To the Koth above
And a LOT more but these are the once that fit. I have a dragon fight, terrain (Japanese waterfall) and more.

Do you have any previous experiences?:
:Builder for JnH (JerryAndHarry) and builder for CavePvP. Got offered headbuilder the second day I was builder and I made 3/4KOTHs, The Citadel and the spawn for HCF that map. I am ranked Master (The top rank) on BuildBattle so I am good under low timestamps.
How many hours can you put in each week?:
:2-4h on weekdays and 3-10h on weekends.
Why would you like to become a builder?:
:Sage is the first server I played seriously and since I am a builder I would like to help the community out and make your weeks easier by helping you out when you need you need a new KOTH, Spawn or whatever. I am good under time pressure and half of the builds above are made under a day. I would like to give more ankles but 10 was the limit.
Can any current staff members and/or builders vouch for you?
:Yes, I can get a vouch from people both on JnH and Cave. My friend who is also builder on both of the servers can tell you that I am builder on both. His IGN is p3s3 and disc is Benny#0036 if you have to ask him. I can send a ss of me being builder rank on both Good thing to know is that I am currently builder on Cave and JnH but I will resign if I get accepted on Sage. I am going to resign next week when I get my PayPal on Cave. I am going to do this to be able to main Sage, even if I don't get builder I will start maining it and I won't have time to play a lot of Cave.

If a problem pops up and you have to reach me quickly, Msg on Tele or on Disc... Smatte#9606

Thank you for your time!!
Have a good day.