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Avoidably’s Staff Application

IGN (In-Game Name)

My In game name is Avoidably

I am currently 16 Years of Age

Region (EU/NA/Other):
I live in North America (TimeZone MST)

Can you meet the weekly requirement of a minimum of 12 hours playtime per map? (If you cannot meet this then your application will automatically be denied.):
Yes I can meet the minimum requirement of 12hr a map, last map I had 2 days 2 hours of playtime

Do you have any previous staff experience?:
Yes, I have been staff on multiple different servers. Listed below is the most memorable of them.

[Server Name] SagePvP
[Staff Position] Helper
[Reason For Resignation] Demoted
[Server Type] It is a HCF/Kitmap/Practice server

[Server Name] DrillPvP
[Staff Position] Mod
[Reason For Resignation] The Reason I resigned from DrillPvP was because the server started to get really inactive so I decided to leave, soon after the server became totally inactive and even shut down making it so that no one could even play it anymore
[Server Type] It was an HCF/Kitmap/Practice server

[Server Name] BattleSkies
[Staff Position] Sr. Mod
[Reason For Resignation] I decided to resign because the server was showing more and more inactivity each day, the server had 100 daily players, at the highest it had around 150 players daily. I was staff there for about 6 months before they started to show inactivity

[Server Type] the server was a Skyblock/Practice server

[Server Name] VirtualMC
[Staff Position] Admin
[Reason For Resignation] I decided to Resign because the server was also starting to get inactive, the server was a decent community for new members to play as well as the staff were friendly, the daily players were at around 100-200 daily and on sotw it was around 230. The reason it was so popular/Is popular is because it’s owned by a youtuber with around 5k-10k subs
[Server Type] The server was a skyblock/Kitmap/Practice server

I do not currently have proof of past staffing experience but I could ask the owner of each server for them to vouch of whether I had the role I claim to have been or not as well as I will ask for proof of the rank being on my account

[Server Name] OrientMC
[Staff Position] Owner
[Reason For Resignation] I decided to resign because the server was showing more and more inactivity each day, the server had 100 daily players, at the highest it had around 150 players daily. I was staff there for about 6 months before they started to show inactivity

Why would you like to become a staff member?:
I would like to become a staff member because I feel like I could help out the players with any problems they have. I know what it was like to be a new player and have problems with trying to get revived for things because staff won't listen to your side of the story if you have a video of it or not. I also feel like it would be really beneficial for me to be staff on sage because it would give me more of a chance to have past staffing experience, it would also give me an opportunity to be able to help anyone/everyone that would need help with issues, there’s a lot of staff that are inactive which is a big issue I will not be an inactive staff member. I will be in TeamSpeak from when I get home from school till I have to get off just to be able to help out players. If there is a problem that I do not know the answer to, I will ask my superior for their opinion on the matter and help the player accordingly. In my past staffing experience this is something I was really good at and I think it would help me with being able to help the players by being kind to them and active. I also love talking to people. I've lost interest in playing hcf and mc in general because people are so toxic with glitching and cheating. This will help make happen less often by being active and observant.

If accepted, how would you improve the players' experience?:
I would improve the players’ experience by being active and being in TeamSpeak/discord every second that I am online. I can also understand the struggles of being a new player, I am good at listening to what people are saying and what they need help with so I will be able to help them out with whatever they need help with. I can help improve the players’ experience by also being active and constantly watching for cheaters, glitchers, racists as well as people who are harassing another player. The community has gotten quite toxic and in addition to this I will help make sure people aren’t being so toxic that people are considering quitting the server over it

Do you have Discord/TeamSpeak/Telegram
I have all three of the required communications Programs.
My discord is: Avoid#5780
My Telegram is: @AvoidablyOG
My TeamSpeak is: Avoidably

If you were to rate your honesty on a scale of 1-10, what would it be and why?
I would rate my honesty at around a 9. I have times where I be less truthful then I should be, it all depends on the scenario that I am in if I am in a scenario where I do not know the answer I might end up telling a lie, this will not happen if I am accepted for staff, I will go to my superior to ask what the answer to a question I do not know is. I would be honest as possible I have had times in the past where I haven’t made the best decision but that time is over If there is a question I am asked that I do not know the answer to I will go to my superior and ask for their opinion if even they do not know the answer to the question I am asked I will go to one of the head staff member at that point I will most likely get the answer that I need for the question that was asked towards me

Can any current staff members vouch for you?: (optional)
Yes, DayInTheLife, Charlos can vouch for me as a staff member as I have staffed with him in the past

Additional Information?:
I have been playing hcf and Minecraft since nov 30th 2013, I have past experience with bans and mutes this will help me be more accurate with the punishments I am giving the players; I do NOT have a bias against any players - whoever the player is I will assist them in whatever way they need as long as it’s a legitimate reason and they have proof to back up the allegations that they are making. I have been playing on the server since August of 2020 or 2019 and have been really active throughout these past months that I have been playing the server for.​
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lmao this has to be a joke this guy is so immature and toxic he legit called me the n word cause i didn’t unban him
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