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  1. arqf

    Denied IgnVexzzy’s staff app

    Based on seeing this, I am gonna have to give you a -1 for everything Vexzzy, u could not be applying for staff and using "VAPE V4"
  2. arqf

    HCF Montage

    Well. . . a bit late but. . . Congratulations on Youtuber and Famous!
  3. arqf

    Denied Fakking Staff Application

    -1 - Lack of detail. -Lack of experience -Altough seems like a nice person. Goodluck!
  4. arqf

    Denied PPlayed’s Staff Application

    -1 lack of details
  5. arqf

    Denied GoodStorm's Staff Application

    -0.5 Alot of fonts, it makes it super hard to read. Lack of experience. Also, -1 other applicants for no reason + without providing any valid proof. Goodluck after all! 🙏
  6. arqf

    Denied IgnVexzzy’s staff app

    Overall a well deserved +1 Lots of details. Goodluck with you're app! 🙏
  7. arqf

    Denied IgnVexzzy’s staff app

    Hello, could you maybe provide me with some proof, so i could re-think my rep. Thank you!
  8. arqf

    Denied IgnMad Staff Application

    Ok, reading true this reply I'm gonna have to give u a -1 but the app itself is a +0.5 for me. The answered you replied with already shows me how unprofessional you are, by either losing you're calm and concentration over another member of the sagepvp community, and you can't do that when you're...
  9. arqf

    Denied ManjotSing Staff Application

    It has some downsides and upsides, same as another applicant. First not much previous staff experience, going off topic. < ( everything said there is my opinion. So do not hate me for them ). The upside is lots of details. After all tho, goodluck with you're app 🙏
  10. arqf

    Denied OgNezha's Staff Application I SagePvP

    -1 lack of details + weirdly setup / organised. ( not rhat it matter but just putting it out here )
  11. arqf

    Denied Staff App

    +1 lots of details. After all goodluck with you're app! 🙏
  12. arqf

    Denied Application for Staff

    +1 & -1 it has its downsides and upsides. So downside, too too much detail, and the first part there was no reason to do that. Upsides seems clean, organised, nicely spaced out. So for me it's a +1 & -1 after all goodluck tho 🙏
  13. arqf

    Denied Zoomety staff appcliation

    +1 Not to much detail, not to less neither. Goodluck 🙏
  14. arqf

    Denied arqf's - Optifyq's 2nd Staff Application

    ↬ IGN (In-Game Name): arqf ↬ Age: 15 ↬ Region (EU/NA/Other): NA ↬ Do you have any previous staff experience?: Clublands - Rank: Helper I was Helper rank on Clublands, Clublands daily had around 600-700 players on their servers. Clublands was a SMP server, This server allowed content...
  15. arqf

    Denied Optifyq's Staff Application

    Hello, may I know why I got -1?
  16. arqf

    Denied Optifyq's Staff Application

    Post in thread 'Optifyq's Staff Application'
  17. arqf

    Denied Optifyq's Staff Application

    Hello, what did I do wrong into this application? I've seen you have been going around and typing "-1" for everyone but you don't seem to explain the issue. So may I know what the issue is? Thank You.
  18. arqf

    Denied Application on SagePvP Network!

    +1 this deserves it, you have put a average amount of effort and details into this, and you have lots of reasons on why do you want to become staff, which is also good. Best Of Luck 🙏
  19. arqf

    Denied spults builder app

    Hmm, ok I now see the builds I will start of by giving this a +1. And no worries there could always be an issue, well I like the builds and I also hope you get accepted. Best Of Luck 🙏
  20. arqf

    Denied GoogleMyCheat's Builder Application

    You are so welcome.