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  1. Chaptrrr

    Denied Sauds Application

  2. Chaptrrr

    Denied HTTP3's staff application

  3. Chaptrrr

    Denied growly app

  4. Chaptrrr

    Denied Wyur's Staff Application

    Add proof of experiences
  5. Chaptrrr

    Denied KuikenCoin's Staff Application

    +0.5 attempt to get proof somehow.
  6. Chaptrrr

    Denied chaptr staff app

    Hey, I admit I have said some questionable things in the past. I apologize. Thank you for the feedback.
  7. Chaptrrr

    Denied chaptr staff app

    I appreciate the feedback. Although, these servers mainly shutdown. Thank you.
  8. Chaptrrr

    Denied Accoils Staff Application.

    I’ll change to neutral assuming you’re not lying, good luck.
  9. Chaptrrr

    Denied Accoils Staff Application.

    Neutral No detail Staff "proof" could be fake, aside from FyreCC Good Luck.
  10. Chaptrrr

    Denied chaptr staff app

    Lol, i appreciate it.
  11. Chaptrrr

    Denied chaptr staff app

    I appreciate it, adding more detail right now.
  12. Chaptrrr

    Denied Maky's Staff App

    -0.5 stated above Good Luck
  13. Chaptrrr

    Denied xSewl's Staff Application [EU]

    -1 stated above
  14. Chaptrrr

    Denied chaptr staff app

    ↬ IGN (In-Game Name): chaptr ↬ Age: 17 ↬ Region (EU/NA/Other): NA ↬ Do you have any previous staff experience?: Platform Admin + Mentor Management Proof VexorCC Platform Admin + Media, and Mentor Management Proof Senior Admin + Media, Mentor Management Proof AngelPvP...
  15. Chaptrrr

    Denied Pole_'s Staff Application

  16. Chaptrrr

    Denied Ufh staff app

  17. Chaptrrr

    Denied lryic's Staff Application

    changed to +0.5
  18. Chaptrrr

    Denied lryic's Staff Application