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  1. Hayh

    Denied Hayh's top tier getting denied media app

    IGN (In-Game Name): Hayh YouTube channel link: Amount of subscribers: 52 but get 400+ views bro give me a chance! How many videos have you uploaded on the server?: 0 man, but twice per week if I get it on my favorite...
  2. Hayh

    Denied Hayh's Staff Application [EU]

    IGN (In-Game Name): Hayh Age: 16 (21/05/2003) Timezone: Central European Timezone +1 Do you have any previous staff experience? (If so, list them below): Yes, I do have past experiences in being a staff member and will list all of them down below. Server - Zyro Staff position - Manager...
  3. Hayh


    Who plays Rocket League here?
  4. Hayh

    Hayh vs Unfares

    Hayh vs Unfares -
  5. Hayh

    Very cool

    All old staff applying lmfao
  6. Hayh

    The only right staff rating

    Owners Jacob [EU] - Random Maxhockey3 [US] - Random no pfs Managers Arcticcc [US] - 10 This man literally did math questions for office access but nobody knows that it is for his homework LOL Botings [US] - 7.5 Chill guy but terrible survival games player Platform Admin Amarese [US] - 10...
  7. Hayh

    Squads SOTW Information

    Notable Updates - NEW Improved Disguises (Now you can disguise as Botings!) - NEW Corona Saver Ability Item (Auto kills players from China that are within a 15 block radius. - NEW Added Knockback 6 Sword - NEW We added console access to the store for only $50. TEAMS SOTW Information SQUADS...
  8. Hayh

    Truth about Sage.

    If you see this your a random
  9. Hayh

    Denied Removed.

    Removed due to private reasons
  10. Hayh


    Just gonna quit this game for some time so just dm me if you want my reclaim / kits on sotw and became way too toxic so ya yeet
  11. Hayh

    Only fax (Staff Rating)

    Owners Jacob [EU] - 9, Good, but this man likes to give me default rank too much. Maxhockey3 [US] - 6, likes to press F5 on PayPal at SOTW. Managers Arcticcc [US] - 7,5, Good, but quite inactive. Botings [US] - 6, at least does something when it's asked. Platform Admin Amarese [US] - 10, don't...
  12. Hayh

    Exposed LLLLLLL

    you thought
  13. Hayh


  14. Hayh

    Accepted Hayh Translator Application

    IGN (In Game Name): Hayh Age: 16 How many hours can you put in the server per week: I can put around 40+ hours in to the server weekly. Timezone: Central European Timezone Country: The Netherlands What language(s) do you speak: Dutch, French, Romanian Do you have a good quality mic: Yes, I...
  15. Hayh

    Denied Hayh Staff Application

    ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
  16. Hayh

    Hayh's Almighty Staff Rating

    Owners Jacob [EU] - 10 Gave me a stack of kronos books. Thank you Jacob, but do you know if Quantise is online? Maxhockey3 [US] - Haha yes Managers Arcticcc [US] - Very cool Botings [US] - ??????????????????????????? Platform Admin Amarese [US] - 9 Senior Admin Sonnix [US] - 6 Admin Trixkz...
  17. Hayh

    Staff Rating ( Hayh )

  18. Hayh

    Denied Staff Application Hayh [EU]

    IGN (In-Game Name): My current IGN is Hayh Age: I am 16 years old at the moment. Timezone: UTC/GMT+2 Country: The Netherlands Do you have a good quality mic?: Yes, I have a Trust Studio microphone and you can understand me good enough. Do you have Telegram, Teamspeak, and Discord?: Yes, I...
  19. Hayh

    Denied Hayh's Staff Application [EU]