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  1. zfGxlaxy

    Denied zfGxlaxy’s P͟a͟r͟t͟n͟e͟r͟ Application

    IGN: zfGxlaxy Telegram: @zfGxlaxy Why I should Deserve to be Partner: I already have famous rank, I think I should deserve partner rank because I have a high view count, compared to 96mph, PrancingPotato (no offense) in my opinion it doesn’t matter to have a high sub count only active...
  2. zfGxlaxy

    Accepted zfGxlaxy's Media Application

    Media Application Format: IGN (In-Game Name): zfGxlaxy YouTube channel link: Amount of subscribers: 307 How many videos have you uploaded on the server?: 1 How many videos do you plan to upload on the server per week...