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  1. StaffTP

    Denied [NA] StaffTP's Staff Application

    I have 1 message in the new Sage discord. Reply invalid.
  2. StaffTP

    Denied [NA] StaffTP's Staff Application

    Show me where I have asked people to check my application in-game and in discord.
  3. StaffTP

    Denied [NA] StaffTP's Staff Application

    I asked for a opinion, As if I were to be accepted I would be working for them.
  4. StaffTP

    Denied [NA] StaffTP's Staff Application

    Thanks brotha!
  5. StaffTP

    Denied [NA] StaffTP's Staff Application

    What is wrong with the format?
  6. StaffTP

    Suggestion Remove fire resistance from kitmap kits!

    The main reason I would like to suggest this is from my past. I used to play Sage kitmap religiously. Whenever you got a fire sword you would dominate the other player 7/10 times. Now with the fire resistance there is no real reward for killing other players or saving up your money. There is...
  7. StaffTP

    Denied Rqla's staff apply

    +1 for the following reasons: - Great detail - A decent amount of staff experience on highly populated servers - You seem to have a big inspiration to become staff on Sage. One question I have for you is, Do you speak English fluently? I would say that a majority of the players on Sage speak...
  8. StaffTP

    Denied demon time staff app :-)

    +.5, Great detail and elaboration of staff experiences, Great detail of why you would like to be apart of the staff team. I rated this application a .5 because of the amount of demotions in the past on some of the known servers out there. Best of luck.
  9. StaffTP

    Denied delelte plz

    Can you add any proof to the stated staff experiences?
  10. StaffTP

    Denied [NA] StaffTP's Staff Application

    Thank you!
  11. StaffTP

    Denied [NA] StaffTP's Staff Application

    IGN: StaffTP Age: 16 Timezone: MST Country: United States Do you own a quality microphone?: Yes. Do you have Discord, Telegram, and Teamspeak?: Yes. Do you have any previous staff experiences?: SacredMC: Trial-Mod, Demoted. It was my first ever time being staff on a server. It was a lot to take...
  12. StaffTP

    Denied holasoygap [AU]

    +1 I've staffed with him on Sage a while back, Very mature and professional.
  13. StaffTP

    bruh chain

  14. StaffTP


  15. StaffTP

    staff tier list

    Amarese is tier 10000
  16. StaffTP

    we know, we know.

    we know, we know.
  17. StaffTP

    Denied TheDirkPvp’s | Staff Application

    -1, Never had experience with you ddosing but i've seen the screenshots. GL!
  18. StaffTP

    Denied DaddyJust_'s Staff Application.

    -1 lack of detail + no proof of being staff on said server, GL!
  19. StaffTP

    Denied Adooopted's Staff Application [NA]

    +1 Good app, Try to add more proof. GL!
  20. StaffTP

    Is Santa Real?

    So on Christmas eve our whole family meets up at my grandma's house and has a party, fire, etc. I was sitting at the fire asking my little 2 1/2 year old cousin what he wanted for christmas, He stated a car, bulldozer, and a truck. I was talking to him what i asked for and he was interested...