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  1. StaffTP

    Suggestion Remove fire resistance from kitmap kits!

    The main reason I would like to suggest this is from my past. I used to play Sage kitmap religiously. Whenever you got a fire sword you would dominate the other player 7/10 times. Now with the fire resistance there is no real reward for killing other players or saving up your money. There is...
  2. StaffTP

    Denied [NA] StaffTP's Staff Application

    IGN: StaffTP Age: 16 Timezone: MST Country: United States Do you own a quality microphone?: Yes. Do you have Discord, Telegram, and Teamspeak?: Yes. Do you have any previous staff experiences?: SacredMC: Trial-Mod, Demoted. It was my first ever time being staff on a server. It was a lot to take...
  3. StaffTP

    bruh chain

  4. StaffTP

    Is Santa Real?

    So on Christmas eve our whole family meets up at my grandma's house and has a party, fire, etc. I was sitting at the fire asking my little 2 1/2 year old cousin what he wanted for christmas, He stated a car, bulldozer, and a truck. I was talking to him what i asked for and he was interested...