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  1. BrysonnMC

    Denied Adooopted's Staff Application [NA]

    -1 Underaged He is owner on
  2. BrysonnMC

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  3. BrysonnMC

    Denied .

    +1 Mature Decent Experience Good Detail
  4. BrysonnMC

    Denied Connecters Staff Application [AU]

    +1 This guy is probably the best staff member and the best builder in Minecraft.
  5. BrysonnMC

    Denied gdgd

    Thank you!
  6. BrysonnMC

    Denied gdgd

  7. BrysonnMC

    Denied kwinixs' Staff Application [EU]

    -1 No Proof Of Experience I was a Manager on ExcileHQ and you weren't a very professional staff member Punctuation Mistakes Grammar Mistakes Very Young
  8. BrysonnMC

    Denied gfdhgf

    Matura please read the messages above. That is a different Bryson.
  9. BrysonnMC

    Denied gfdhgf

    I never griefed HCRival.
  10. BrysonnMC

    Denied gfdhgf

    I can agree with that, the reason I put them on the list is because I helped in the discord and ingame a lot
  11. BrysonnMC

    Denied gfdhgf

    I am not the Bryson who leaks the databases his username is Brison.
  12. BrysonnMC

    Denied Staff Application [hawm]

    -1 Abuses Very Toxic
  13. BrysonnMC

    Denied gfdhgf

  14. BrysonnMC

    Denied Underhands Helper Application (NA)

    Those are all applications made by myself under different accounts message me for proof.
  15. BrysonnMC

    Denied Underhands Helper Application (NA)

    Because I didn't have proof for most of theese so I got the owners/managers to set my rank so I could take screenshots
  16. BrysonnMC

    Denied Underhands Helper Application (NA)

    Updates: Why Do You Want To Become Staff?
  17. BrysonnMC

    Remove Ability items

    I vote to remove these ability items.
  18. BrysonnMC

    Denied .

    -1 Has leaked IP's
  19. BrysonnMC

    Denied Blackberie's Application (US)

    +1 Good detail Good experience Active