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    Car's Staff Tier List (REAL)

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    Announcement SagePvP 2022🥂🌟

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    Denied Depent Staff Application

    -1 Lack of detail
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    Denied Intrucion's Staff Application [AU timezones]

    +1 Very chill person and staffed alongside him. A good amount of detail, good luck.
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    Denied 11Blocking's Staff Application [EU]

    I'm going to be adding more information shortly. Most of my proof contains sensitive information, I'll be happy to show proof to calvin if requested.
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    Denied 11Blocking's Staff Application [EU]

    Thank you.
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    Denied 11Blocking's Staff Application [EU]

    IGN (In-Game Name): 11BlockingTheGod Age: 15 Timezone: GMT Do you have any previous staff experience?: Server: Vexir {Playerbase: 100 - 250} Rank: Trial-Mod Resigned/Demoted: Resigned Vexir was an extremely good and famous practice server back then. I had an amazing time their and I gave it...
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    Denied holasoygap [AU]

    I don't even want to start with you, to be honest maybe it's best for you to not judge and be hypocritical Anyways, based on your application I'll give a +1. Good luck.
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    The Current Problem With Sage.

    Sage has the best anti-cheat for HCF (currently). There are flaws with every anti-cheat, nothing is perfect. As to regards for freezers, all you have to do is have sufficient evidence and go into Teamspeak and the player will be dealt with accordingly.
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    Denied Staff application MarikIsGod

    +1 give him staff baby
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    I would like to post my new video about my favorite ex sage Admin in here.

    relatable mate, I get pissed when they don't get on point either.
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    Opladen doesn't fit into the staff team at all. In fact most of the staff team baits each other out for their personal gains just to get someone they don't like demoted. It isn't really a fun experience being staff with the current staff team. I still have to say that Calvin does try his best...
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    Staff rating. former mod+ and admin.

    we both know that's not how you feel about staffmode m8
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    Honestly, I used to own an android until I was gifted an IOS. Personally I prefer IOS for me it's easier and seems a lot faster. The design and layouts look a lot nicer than Android. As well as that a lot of things are only compatible with IOS and not android which is a big disadvantage for...
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    Rules (lets talk about it)

    We are constantly monitoring our events and take action if we see necessary. We are also always screen sharing players who have been reported for cheating, feel free to report them to us.