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    Announcement SagePvP | Fall Update Week #2

    when only staff hype up your server :joy:
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    Announcement SUMMER UPDATE WEEK #4

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    Denied tnup's Staff Application (NA)

    The ccos guy copy pastes that message on every single application, not sure why he hasnt been banned yet lol
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    Accepted Rouge / Archer Speed 2

    its very annoying
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    Accepted Rouge / Archer Speed 2

    Archer / rouge players will know the struggle... When you speed 4 / 5 as a class, if your bard is holding speed afterwards you will be stuck with speed 2. The only way to fix this is to take off your armour and put it back on. Can't even count how many times I've almost died to this.
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    African > You

    gonna have to -3
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    Denied Azarine's Staff Application

    If I'm not wrong, on WolvesMC you said you are "Currently a part of the network." I don't think it shows that your loyal to Sage or any other server of that matter if you're applying while already staff on a different server?
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    Denied holdbardeffect's staff application

    this guy is copy pasting the same msg on every application
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    Denied Tillyz's Staff Application [EU]

    -1 little effort put into app but egirl so she will get accepted anyway!! :)
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    Denied Killua’s Staff application (NA)

    -1 no reliable proof low level of effort put into application
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    who excite 4 new update

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm ava
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    Denied ohit [UK]

    Thanks for the +1 :)
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    Denied ohit [UK]

    I don't ddos, it may have been someone else on fierce. I don't even know who you are to be honest.
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    Denied ohit [UK]

    Requirements state that you must have atleast 600 words in your application, mine has 1,348. I think I've added enough already.
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    Denied ohit [UK]

    IGN (In Game Name): SpookUser_ohit (changing back to ohit as soon as possible). Age: 16. Timezone: GMT. Do you have a good quality mic?: Yes. Do you have Telegram and Teamspeak?: Yes, my telegram is @ohitgg Any past experiences in being a staff member?: I have previously been staff on five...