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    Denied Adooopted's Staff Application [NA]

    -1 Underaged He is owner on
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    Thank you!

    Thank you!
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    Denied .

    +1 Mature Decent Experience Good Detail
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    Denied Connecters Staff Application [AU]

    +1 This guy is probably the best staff member and the best builder in Minecraft.
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    Denied gdgd

    Thank you!
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    Denied gdgd

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    Denied kwinixs' Staff Application [EU]

    -1 No Proof Of Experience I was a Manager on ExcileHQ and you weren't a very professional staff member Punctuation Mistakes Grammar Mistakes Very Young
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    Denied gfdhgf

    Matura please read the messages above. That is a different Bryson.
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    Denied gfdhgf

    I never griefed HCRival.
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    Denied gfdhgf

    I can agree with that, the reason I put them on the list is because I helped in the discord and ingame a lot
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    Denied gfdhgf

    I am not the Bryson who leaks the databases his username is Brison.
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    Denied Staff Application [hawm]

    -1 Abuses Very Toxic
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    Denied gfdhgf

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    Denied Underhands Helper Application (NA)

    Those are all applications made by myself under different accounts message me for proof.